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Xiaomi Black Shark Review: Worth-it Gaming Phone?

Xiaomi Black Shark Review: Worth-it Gaming Phone?

The Black Shark gaming telephone used to be introduced closing month by means of Xiaomi’s sub-brand. This smartphone used to be Xiaomi’s first try at making a gaming telephone. According to experiences, the Xiaomi Black Shark gives an excellent gaming enjoy that permits its customers to in reality immerse themselves all the way through game-play.

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  1. usman abdulkadir

    First viewer and first comment Great review

  2. Second

  3. Rio Rahmansyah

    Waw. But well i'm gonna stick with my Xperia.

  4. How much is this?

  5. A question, Do you think that the software (JOYUI) will be supported in the future?

  6. Jakejake Consulta

    Walang saksakan ng headset?

  7. Hernando Criste

    stop making reviews like this! wala ka naman talaga personal hands on sa phone

  8. Saan ito nabibili

  9. Any news about official release in PH

  10. Meron po b itong 3.5mm headphone jack?

  11. Still not available in PH or Mi Store? I see that lazada and other online shop selling it at Cash on delivery.

  12. Marc Wilson Asiado

    Where can i buy BS in Philippines??

  13. cosmicstate gaming

    Mga august meron napo ba yan

  14. Does it have screen protector intact already or no?

  15. Ferrelicious Official

    Pls stop with the fortunately and unfortunately great review anyway

  16. Trabaho ako muna sa kuwait para maka bili ako niyan

  17. Discontinued?

  18. Sale na ba to sa pinas?

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