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WORLDS BEST FORTNITE MOBILE PLAYER… Ninja If He Played On Mobile Fortnite! – Road To 1000 Mobile Wins!?

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Fortnite Battle Royale is blowing up and it is arduous to search out some Fortnite pointers and tips we’ve not discovered but. But you can be shocked at what number of issues maximum avid gamers STILL have no idea in Fortnite Battle Royale! Check out those most commonly unknown nine issues!

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About Fortnite: Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One massive map. A fight bus. Fortnite construction talents and destructible environments blended with intense PvP battle. The final one status wins. Available on PC, PlayStation four, Xbox One & Mac.

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  2. For those retards saying, "he's on mobile, u guys can't do better."
    First of all I can do better
    Second ur just saying that cause u suck too, so just because u suck doesn't mean everyone else does
    30% he's probably on a controller (no he is trash)
    10% (smart ones) he's doodooo XD

  3. Why the fuck is there so much hate shut your fucking traps u wubble rubble idiots

  4. gαяσтσ мσвιlє


  5. I have a windows 10 but refer to play mobile

  6. If I played my pc I would have a 100 percent win rate in mobile servers

  7. Your not the best

  8. Master Gaminglol123

    ur now where near the best mobile player u don't even claw, only pros use claw and know what it is

  9. A pro player would place a ramp while falling down 3:05

  10. Al pro player would prefer explosives more than a sniper in a crowded place like tilted 3:14

  11. You are not even close to Flashinq in building

  12. There are enemies around him and he hasn’t even built cover around him 9:20

  13. Look at all those snipes not a single hit with a semi-auto sniper 9:26

  14. He’s playing on a controller, why? The joystick on the bottom is gone.

  15. This is when mobile came out everyone sucked

  16. He doesn’t have a laggy mobile

  17. Azz_Clark InstagramFollowMe

    Everyone add ÏTS-COMING-HOME I average around 11 kills per game this dude is doodoo

  18. How do you get it to run smoothly?

  19. Cristina Esquivel

    i agree

  20. Cristina Esquivel

    he is sniping every where

  21. The sniper shots at the start were triggering me how much he missed

  22. Shut up cunt

  23. For playing on mobile you are not that bad but you need to improve you snipes

  24. Micah’s Vlog’s

    Dang that person is better than me playing on mobile

  25. I feel like I Culd do better

  26. Gavyn Loudermilk

    your so bad you have a fat concroler

  27. Beyond the Best

    Worlds best mobile player not true this is s console and he even sucks at that

  28. You suck dude

  29. I can build faster on phone and more kills and i got 11 wins when i meet Xbox players

  30. He was playing in a controller

  31. The Doge Crew Bros - ROBLOX

    Bro your trash

  32. The Doge Crew Bros - ROBLOX

    17:37 spray & pray

  33. My solo record is 19 my duos is 16 and my squads fill is 16 and no fill is 21 and i play on mobile


  35. You not that good

  36. I’m better than you

  37. He doesn’t use controller, we preset the triangles to stairs incase we misclick the stair button, atleast I do

  38. I play on iPad and I’m decent at it. All my other friends play on PS4 .

  39. Only 11 kills i have got 21 kills

  40. Zim way batter than him

  41. I got 19 kills in one game have u dont think so

  42. 7:07 Xx Ali-A xX rules yeah bro cuz he’s totally better than ninja bruh like mobile bots? Ninja doesn’t even stand a chance

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