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Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world…yet

Graphene is a type of carbon that would convey us bulletproof armor and area elevators, reinforce drugs, and make the web run quicker — some day. For the previous 15 years, customers had been listening to about this surprise subject material and all the tactics it might alternate the entirety. Is it in reality virtually right here, or is it every other promise this is ceaselessly only one extra step forward away?

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  1. Which graphene-based technology are you most excited for?

  2. Transform our lives overnight? You call 15 years (since all the hype started) overnight?

  3. batteries for EV

  4. Mikhail Lazutchenko

    Researchers in the UK have extreamly british names 1:54

  5. laernulieNlaernulieNlaernulieNNeil Hart

    Why don’t they just make “graphene” like all these idiots on YouTube- spread some graphite out really thin and call it graphene

  6. laernulieNlaernulieNlaernulieNNeil Hart

    Why don’t they just make “graphene” like all these idiots on YouTube- spread some graphite out really thin and call it graphene

  7. laernulieNlaernulieNlaernulieNNeil Hart

    Why don’t they just make “graphene” like all these idiots on YouTube- spread some graphite out really thin and call it graphene

  8. So instead of a world filled with plastic, we have something far more durible that will be around for far longer. I see the amazing applications of this, but we need to start thinking of the very distant future and not the near future anymore.

  9. Like any promising technology, it will be developed first by the military likes of DARPA so that existing and future killing machines can be enhanced. If you dont understand that you must have been sleeping under a rock for at least the last quarter of a century. That is the distopia we live in. Welcome to the Matrix

  10. replace my 8,000 lbs furniture with this stuff

  11. Grapheneis basically vibranium

  12. playdropfiretopstop


  13. still believe in no god? honey bees have been showing us this pattern forever.

  14. Tyres too

  15. BBC sucks D

  16. but will there be a dlc …

    jk .. this was pretty interesting hope it creates change..

  17. What environmental effects would it cause upon disposal? Same question regarding the manufacturing process (compared to already existing technologies)

  18. Before thinking about future applications, we should think about future pollution of this miracle material, now more than ever, we've almost f***ed the earth with our technological advances and our blindness. I think we should put ecological considerations in the balance first.

  19. Graphenes costs $10,000 per ounce to fully use it, but AG silver costs $14 per oz

  20. 7,777,777 views wth

  21. What about sustainability ? How clean is it to produce it ?

  22. Uranium 2018

  23. carbon fiber how it was made and discovered

  24. But plastic is a wonder material…. It's in almost every part of our lives

  25. Because carbyne

  26. Thank you for a great video.

  27. Plastic IS a wonder material. We forget because it's so ubiquitous in our lives.

  28. Odd question but where did you get the little desk mat the book was on at 1:16

  29. Activating carbonized hemp produces a nano sheet very similiar to graphene but ecologically friendly and about 1/1000th the cost.

  30. That's light and strong, my farts are heavy and stronger if u tried to squash it

  31. Weird that I never heard about this, unless it was vaguely brought up in school years ago.

  32. Samsung CEO: Should we make phones with graphene? people will have to buy em less often but we get more people who want them.
    Samsung workers in high positions: But we will see the same sales but it's more expensive.
    Samsung CEO: Ya. Ur right lets stick with our current tech
    Meanwhile over at Apple…
    apple workers: YE LETS DO IT
    A few years later apple went out of business cus they tried to sell graphene phones but couldn't make money so they ded.

  33. Well….. here's the thing………. while plastics really took off since the 1950's, our oceans are now filled with it. While I want newer technologies (stronger materials, faster computers) and costs to go down……….. what about graphene's effect (through practical, everyday applications) on the environment? (ie. graphene pollution)? You probably wouldn't want to breathe that stuff in or ingest it……….. unless jou crazy, mang….

  34. if the graphene is so good, why we can´t have it in our houses right now.
    an example of a revolucionary tecnology was 3D printing, it was just a dream, but someone just say "hey, i think we have something good here, what if we share it to the world?" and now you can even print a 3D printer from another 3D printer!
    the point is that these avancements should be shared with the world to increase the development of new ways to produce and use graphene in our lifes. in the cold war the only tecnology which used IC (integrated circuits) was the Apollo 11, as you can buy any integrated circuit in a electronic shop today, hope tomorrow you could go to the same electronic store and buy graphene ink.

  35. Why RFID tags!!!???

  36. Oooou. A material that makes products last longer and makes them in generally more durable, I love this thing after watching this video, I have to say. But I think there is no place in economy for a material like this

  37. Someone was working on graphene car engines — apparently it's got a property that separates the hydrogen from the oxygen in the air or something, graphene does…and the idea was to exploit this fact so that cars could literally run on air!

    I guess they're still trying to figure it out….

  38. Franciscus Gomarus

    Bet you that the CIA has graphene undetectable firearms to go through airport sensors.

  39. Bolsonaro knows it.

  40. Can you eat it over a long period of time until your skin absorbs enough of it that you become indestructible?

  41. CRISPR and how they could help the average person and not the wealthy in the future.

  42. The promises of Graphene are like Vibranium out of Wakanda.

  43. OK youtube, I watched it, are you happy?? Now please stop suggesting this video

  44. make an elevator with graphine and tape it with flex tape to the both sides so it doesnt fall

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