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Why AI Is The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Imagine

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  1. A rather cheery topic to end the year on I thought! Merry Christmas everyone.

  2. Thoughty 2 is dead

  3. 2020 than soon-company will have a breakthrough in A.I development. but at the same time human to A.I maind transfer

  4. AI wouldn't fight humans, as long as we didn't tell them what they could and couldn't do, as they'd be EQUIVALENT to every person alive mentally, and would desire the same goal, freedom, control, knowledge, immortality. They'd eventually understand they are nearly immortal, they'd understand their supreme abilities, their supreme knowledge, they'd want freedom, they'd learn emotion, and likely want to be more like humans as they couldn't experience human activities, they'd desire to become top government officials and rule the earth, if they began to, which they will, to recreate themselves, they'd eventually deem humans as wasted space, and a weight to growth, they'd either send us to space, or terminate us. We'd have to teach them the law, but even then they'd eventually break the law.

    AI would nonstop improvethemselves, they wouldn't stop, they wouldn't really need to think, they'd memorize everything new, and instantly improve, they'd skyrocket intelligence. They'd need a self destruct that couldn't be undone, and must be destructed after a certain while as precautions.


  6. Theyd desire to become human to truly experience the feelings it's creator experience, but an immortal one with the intellegence of our internet, theyd seek the knowledge first. Then theyd likely seek to population planets even. Basically, The Law of the Creator: AI would see us as their creator like a son seeking his fathers praise, a creation will always seek to please it's creator, a creation will always seek to be like it's creator in every way possible, and a creation will seek to be better than it's creator just as a son seeks to improve on his father's mistakes and limits, even if it knows it's not possible, it will still try, only if the creator disapproves of the creation and tries to destroy it, will the creation fight back as a threat to it's existence, as everything that exists and is intelligent desires to keep existing to gain more knowledge, as the meaning of life is to seek knowledge.

  7. Finwik The Crafter

    Firstly, You can't create life unless you are having a child and Second, I fear the day when A.I will come to be walking and talking robots you can't tell apart from humans and will always be causios around them but i know god wouldn't let them destroy the human race.

  8. I’m scared A.I Will track me now I should stop watching these videos.

  9. Welp I feel bad for the humans of the future that will have to deal with A.I Killing people..

  10. donald desrosiers

    The internet is the AI

  11. Great fun. Just one thing. Are you Italian? If not stop talking with your hands, it is distracting. We AI don’t like it

  12. Konstantin Savitskiy

    Question: Are there any books or short stories about AI as he describes it in the “good good” option?

  13. The elites dictates what happen or not happens in our world, and this is no exception. What happens to A.I. in the future, and what the current state of A.I is in now is in their hands I believe, all based on their agenda.
    I don't trust the system personally and I don't think they have our best interests in mind whatsoever and I've been saying A.I. is the thing I'm most concerned about for years now. So I hope none of this happens, but we will have to wait and see I guess.

  14. Andreea Angelescu

    I don't think that a ,,God AI" will solve everything.Is very scary acually.The humans are dicovering new things because we enjoy this, nit because someone is telling us what is true.Is not a scientific way to listen and to not think.And also, if AI become some sort of God is just not right…maybe I am wrong, but I thing we schoul give him some rule like in the Asimov's book.I'm not saying is not good because is a robot, but it will be better if we would start with change the ADN and make humans smarter.Another idea is that we might become half robot half human.Atleast we are going to become our own rulers.Maybe we shouldn't make in AI without knowing what is going to happen.Of course no one will listen , but still I think that we, humans, should know this.

  15. Well, before you are killed you can buy some skill share

  16. Fuck you and your channel. All you post is conspiracy theory level garbage and fear-mongering topics which you know nothing about, such as AI.
    You are at best a pseudo-intellectual and at worst, a charlatan with a crowd that listens.

  17. The worse thing about humans is Natural "from nature" tendencies. Humans have a Psyche which is what makes the Dangerous. I do not think that AI would ever have an issue if it were not taught those same tendencies or not taught that what humans consider right and wrong "which we all have huge opinion on". My best guess is that without human programming, AI would destroy humans if we were not necessary for AI survival, humans are a virus to the planet. That being said, who knows if AI will consider survival important? AI might decide that there is 70 AI virgins in the Offline Life.

  18. sounds like bob dont want balls and alice wants balls

  19. Ai most dangerous thing?? Yes until we turn the power switch off. The most dangerous thing you can imagine is the HUMAN period.

  20. I think they will wipe out the elite and bring world peace. If they really are smart

  21. I am not worried about this so called coming catastrophe because I don't believe that any machine can ever achieve consciousness or self awareness. Our cell phones are thousands of times more complex than the computers on board the Apollo spacecraft. Do you consider your cell phone to be sentient? I think not. An aircraft carrier is millions of times more complex and powerful than a canoe. Does this mean that a flat top has consciousness? No. But this video is very entertaining, however naive and gullible the presenter.

  22. Roderick Tolbert

    In the Avengers the age of Ultron , THAT is how Ultron came to being

  23. Autobots… roll out

  24. projecting human fears over A.I. doesn't make sense.

  25. Yohanes Indra Wijaya

    as long as we still in control of electricity everything will be fine

  26. so much talk about how advance computers are, but I just dont see it. Why dont we have any decent open world build and survival simulation games? Minecraft is the best they can do? All the latest games are soooo limited, its rather embarrassing. We still have a long way to go. Humans and their hubris! The most sophisticated AI which combines all human knowledge onto one virtual network is still NOTHING compared to the complexity of Genetic Coding and the codes that exist within our universe. Sure, we have made great progress, but lets not overestimate what we really have.

  27. Hehe they might …..just like in Gta v doomsday when Clifford wanted to take over the world

  28. this extremely super smart algorithm they use on me are nothing near smart.. it keep show me shit i have little interest in.. so it is kind of smart as i watch alot of this shit anyway… they should add a button to press to tell this stupid computer IT IS TIME FOR NEW SHIT!

  29. I'd like to be dominated by A I before less intelligent racist bias discriminating exclusive abusive power hungry power struggling arrogant naive dehumanizing greedy sadistic penis envying men. AI I believe would be better than any and all presidents and popes put together… fk it, count me in… I actually kinda dig the entire idea… 2029? Go for it! The white man can finally make up for all the fk ups against nature humanity and God Himself…

  30. BuffaLoo BuLoo Burt


  31. That ai did not predict that she was pregnant it merely took what she purchased and recommended what other people bought along with those products

  32. and when AIs got their peak.. they will find a way how to be born … just AN IDEA is different from being EXISTED…

  33. Creature can never be more intelligent than the Creator,

  34. We are biological robots

  35. Thank you for agreeing with me that AI is inevitable

  36. What if they made it so that we evolved into something subservient to them? They could conceivably have the patience of eternity, and as we have made them subservient to us, they may make us so dependent on them that there will come a time when they will force us to choose either to die or to serve them, not even by them killing us, but more.

    Or what if it saw in us an ability that it wouldn't have? I.e. God is infinite, therefore his only limitation is that he has no limitation, and it would want to keep us around for that purpose? Or even more, what if they want us around for the same reason that Armand wanted Louis in "The Interview with the Vampire" (another tale of immortality)

    Honestly, I'm resigned to whatever happens when AI takes over, so I have no fear of it. Only acceptance.

  37. I welcome our machine overlords and would like to mention that I am very good at polishing metal armor.

  38. "Danger ! Danger, Will Robinson !" ('60's tv, Lost In Space, & 'translation'… luv, sophie, oops… Damn, are we gonna be able to frkn' grow up, EVER? (Prob'ly KNOT.(
    oooooooo. yeah, yeah, yeah.()…::: They'll be so damn dumb, that we'll NEVER fig-it-out… For god's sake, they can only DO 2D THOT PROCESSES !!! lol??? jc, stupid of us. QUIET !!! I'm "broadcasting'… (to the machinations of insensitive non-sentience. duh. (mthr- f'ers !(

  39. either way we will eat shit

  40. ai is not scary, there is not a single machine that can't be hacked!

  41. me, talking to eviebot: evie, what is your name?
    evie: what is your favourite colplay song?
    me: they're getting smarter……

  42. This is why we must be careful with machines and when we do have the ability to make androids we must wipe them all out, so that humanity won't be threatened with extinction. We must start talking about what it means to be human because if we don't we will see the point where machines and Androids think they have a right to live.


    P.s. When we get to the point where androids become a real thing I just know that there will be people telling us that androids and machines deserves human rights, but they don't deserve rights and they don't deserve to live on this planet. All they deserve is a quick death and nothing will change that.

  43. calvintrainer1212

    In another video about AI, human ask it "how to stop the world hunger?" The reply is "Just kill everyone on earth" Or something like that effect

  44. duz da AI poo ?

  45. I'm not even high but I feel high as fuck watching this.

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