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Which Phone to Buy Under ₹20,000?

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Which is the most efficient telephone to purchase underneath 20000 rupees? Now, this can be a query that numerous you guys ask us once in a while. So, it is time now to solution this. In this video, we discuss the most efficient telephones to purchase underneath 20000 rupees.

Check out the evaluations of the entire telephones discussed within the video:
Honor Play Review: https://youtu.be/zNysNq_UIrY
Mi A2 Review: https://beebom.com/xiaomi-mi-a2-review/
Nokia 6.1 plus Review: https://youtu.be/ckHAqprIj8Q
Asus ZenFone Max Pro Review: https://youtu.be/9XAvPnRPTAI
Xiaomi Redmi Note five Pro Review: https://youtu.be/txR-kkizz6g
Poco F1 Review: https://youtu.be/DCNDvfTULPo

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  1. I bought the Note 5 pro and was thinking i should have bought the zenfone 6gb variant but not after watching this video as my primary concern is camera, gaming and battery life

  2. Which phone one should buy???
    RN5 PRO.4GB OR 6GB???
    What is the difference?

  3. Make a video on best headsets for mobile gaming

  4. Iam a one plus fan bro

  5. Good review

  6. P20lite Huawei???? Not even in the list which has the beat camera ratings in dxomark

  7. Zenphone max m1pro is awesome

  8. hey beebom can u do a video on the Realme 2 pro when it comes out or its specs plzz

  9. Coolpad cool 1 is good phone than Redmi note 5 pro accept software.

  10. 1:Honor play
    2:Mi A2
    3:Nokia 6.1+
    4:Zenfone max pro m1
    5:Redmi note 5pro

  11. Mi A2 performance is dope. Only Drawback is battery backup

  12. Original Designation/Name

    miui just sucks no home drawer not stock its trash

  13. So atlast u have given me a wonderfull idea on buying which smartphone . Thanks a lot @beebom

  14. Seriously this is such a blessed video …a big ? In every one's mind ..and u gave such a huge relief from tht question

  15. Which mini laptop do you recommend except MacBook

  16. Dhruraj jaiswar_dj

    I like the most is nokia 6.1 plus

  17. Thanks got a nice idea about it

  18. 20,000 Rupee to Freedom Dollar is 276.18$

  19. I think Nokia 6.1 plus is best for me

  20. madhan kumar yoganathan

    please do this kind of videos more!!!

  21. what about redmi 6 pro and note 5 pro has became old,it was released in february

  22. Beebom please tell best led smart tv under 20k
    Please tell ne
    I m in trouble

  23. Bro I want to buy one loptop plz suggest one loptop 25k under plz tell me broh

  24. Abhishek Kumar Singh

    What about Moto one power

  25. technical gautamji

    Poco and n5p

  26. where is zuk z2 plus?

  27. The lg G6 u have put in the thumbnail but didnt review

  28. Redmi 5 pro have poor ram management and it lost to asus and nokia in speed test

  29. Joke of the year Nokia 6.1 performance better than mi a2 lol 660 is far better than 636

  30. dude.. I was with you since you had like 19k subscriber. Watching you at 1.2 Mill is pure joy. you guys truly deserve it. Compared to other Indian channels, you guys really brought the Broll culture into the Indian tech review industry. Lots of wishes for the many more successes yet to come.

    Love from Singapore 🙂

  31. I have bought Nokia 6.1 plus

  32. 《World of pokemon》

    Go for lenovo z5

  33. G8 video ….mi a2 best

  34. Can Note 5 pro be bought in September it's around 6-7 months old now will it not be consider a old phone now?

  35. I have already choose that redmi note 5 pro..

  36. Is Alexa good enough to buy?

  37. Ammar m.mundrawala

    Using note 5 pro with pixel experience pie rom which makes it an awesome hardware with stock Android combo!

  38. Redmi note 5 pro heavy heating after 3 4 month and hanging also.
    So many cases coming for servive center over heating

  39. Christian Joseph Sarsagat

    Poco F1 ftw!!!!

  40. iPhone se ????

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