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Top iOS 12 Features

Testing out a couple of of my favourite iOS 12 options!
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  1. Melissa Dhanne Arcega


  2. i installed it and i love it! <3

  3. First one you have a lether case

  4. iOS 12 is out now but how good is the battery life and the performance on the iPhone X , cause I’m a little bit scared to update

  5. Ma gli spaghetti con la zuppa nooo

  6. Omg just downloaded iOS 12 and I got me amoji

  7. downloading it right now! I can't wait and im getting jittery loll

  8. Seems you're more interested having your face on camera then relaying valuable information.

  9. I lov you so much now iPhone X’s mix

  10. Will the Memojis be on iPhone 8?

  11. No. Because noone uses animojis.

  12. Is the group FaceTime for any iPhone under the X

  13. I’m 3 minutes in and you haven’t explained anything.
    Thumbs down

  14. How mad is your sister for spamming her?

  15. ughhh— single for a reason

  16. Gorgeous

  17. Beautiful

  18. Your voice is soo satisfying

  19. Reborn dolls galore

    i can’t get my phone to update! ugh

  20. do we get a ' 2 weeks with iPhone Xs ' again ?

  21. not being mean but i was just laughing about it but…if you see the messages when Jenna sends Justine is funny in you look closely at the top of the messages you can clearly see Justine texted Jenna before ''send me a bunch of messages plz for a video''
    XDD i forget things too :3

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