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Top 5 Most Unusual Phones In The World…

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These should be the most unearthly telephones on the planet.
Original bizarre telephones video – https://youtu.be/o6T9mUq9Vgo


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  2. 声音听不得批评的

    All made in china for sure

  3. 声音听不得批评的

    Wtf is the comments

  4. Zen4real fight man

    Go a week only using a weird phone

  5. defeatbanana gaming

    how old r u

  6. Mickey has light in his d*ck and say I love you ? Hell no


  8. What's really unusual is all the Arabic comments on this English video

  9. The text says something about Auto shutdown due to low power

  10. What going on in comment?

  11. Jaje Entertainments

    dumy boy hahah

  12. Part 3!!!!

  13. anybody think lg copied the front of the iPhone X a little bit

  14. China.. one lightyear after us. Allways will be.

  15. Louis Vuitton phone

  16. were did you get the Marlboro phone? Ive searched but not found it.I bought a bmw phone though thanks to you:-)

  17. Lmao that's a PERFECT PHONE for the zombie apocalypse

  18. Why do I see muslims here?

  19. Saskatoon! Sask

  20. Shout put for the win!!!!


  22. Marlboro advertise… It should be blocked

  23. Cyborg Basumatary

    I don't like but I'm keeping a cigarette pack in my pocket. How cool is that? ha ha ha…

  24. alistairshirofb

    That Micky headphone is showing "low battery, automatically shutting down"

  25. Brow are you high or some shit?

  26. AJ's Wonderful World

    طاشت يتقن نصت
    can someone tell me what that says. I have a random Arabic keyboard.

  27. XxSniper WolvesxX

    It seems so easy to get 1mil views these days

  28. i want to buy this car mobile

  29. What's with the arab invasion in the comment section?

  30. Vegar Hoem Gravråk

    Thanks first on what does it cost 999kr?? (my that is my countries curantsy)

  31. here in the uk, you could probably get a pack of fags for the cost of that phone.

  32. now its time for a dildo phone

  33. Jar-Jar Hoffman

    God he is annoying

  34. TheNewGamingAge

    That car phone could be an emergency phone for your kids

  35. Mansoor Alee Buriro

    Who Loves China !

  36. Humans always ask "can we?" but never "should we?"

  37. I wanna buy that Marlboro one just for the memes, imagine whipping it out in front of a teacher

  38. Lmao I’m 3 and a half hours from Saskatoon. I mean like what does Saskatoon Saskatchewan sound like to you? Probably jiberish

  39. I do have the phone before you

  40. Just a pack of Marlboro fags?
    Edit: Why are there so many Arabic comments?!

  41. Kanithkar Kasinath

    Just came here for the malboro.. is there anyone else?

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  43. Shmane Humphrey

    People that do movies can use it

  44. most of them are made in CHINA

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