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Thor: Ragnarok

In Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, Thor is imprisoned at the different facet of the universe with out his mighty hammer and reveals himself in a race in opposition to time to get again to Asgard to prevent Ragnarok – the destruction of his house international and the tip of Asgardian civilization by the hands of an omnipotent new risk, the ruthless Hela. But first he should live on a dangerous gladiatorial contest that pits him in opposition to his former best friend and fellow Avenger – the Incredible Hulk!

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  1. Richard Nguyen

    It's free on Netflix

  2. like this was shockingly more funny than I expected and I actually enjoyed it a lot but I was disappointed that hulk didn't get to fight the giant fire demon

  3. the ending with the grandmaster was just fucking hilarious

  4. You can watch this movie on Netflix now….

  5. It's on Netflix

  6. Purchased. Now where it is ? why  can't I see it??!

  7. Blauteasian Love

    Thor: Ragnarok? More like Bore: Ragnarok am I right hahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahha

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  8. You could get this movie on Netflix for free you know

  9. More like bore ragnarok, amirite

  10. Isn't this free on Netflix

  11. jamie oxenreider

    Satanic garbage, Stanly Lee going to burn and Nash his teeth. If you watch then realize these sick turds are trying to get you to cheer on the antichrist and Satan

  12. santana gonzalez

    Why would anyone buy or rent this when it's on Netflix you can just pay $10 an get this movie an many more plus TV series an Netflix originals

  13. Netflix free lol

  14. its on netflix

  15. or just watch on netflix.

  16. What's really funny is it's on Netflix…..

  17. It's on Netflix don't pay for it if you have Netflix

  18. on netflex for free

  19. This on netflix

  20. bought the movie but nothing! what gives?!

  21. OhWell ItsDaEnd

    who is really fucking stupid to buy this on YouTube when you can just watch it on Netflix FOR FREE!!!

  22. Good one Marvel just great (same as with Dr Strange movie)

  23. How was this funny? Most of the humor was cringeworthy.

  24. Kisamethedarkwolf

    Thor Ragnarok, more like Bore Ragnarok.

  25. I say if it's on Netflix (which it is), it should be $0.99 to rent.

  26. Orlando Freeman

    Should went on netflix

  27. Michael Hernandez

    I saw the movie

  28. kylie winkelman

    Don't by this its on netflix

  29. La mejor ecena fue la de hulk caendo de la nave….

  30. Lassy Fat Hamster

    Hulk is in the planet

  31. Is it just me or they should do child version see how villains became villains and super hero’s become superhero’s

  32. I can just watch this on netflix why the hell would i buy it

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