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The TRUTH about Vivo NEX – Full Review!

Full Review of the Vivo NEX S Smartphone, together with specifications, battery, digital camera check, efficiency and extra. I examine the Vivo NEX to the Samsung Galaxy S9+, Oneplus 6, and the Oppo Find X

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  1. Roscott Production

    The biggest downside is the lack of NFC in a phone for a £500+. Not mentioned in a video.

  2. I just Ordered one out of India, brand new. Hopefully its as good as the preview

  3. Wire Rubbish Bin

    You say "there are, of course, small issues" and that has to be a world record for understatement. They are nonissues. Of course you need to put your finger on the finger print reader for it to read your fingerprint. How stupid would a user have to be to expect a finger print reading from a non-reading area of the screen? Come on, try to find real "issues" rather than pretending that something that is not an issue of any kind is an issue albeit a "small issue".

  4. I don't know why, but his voice has the power to calm my mind. Haha

  5. Phenomenal Sanjeev

    Bro neenga edit pandra app sollunga pls

  6. i think it needs 1 or two more generations. better software, needs nfc and better rear camera and it would be worth it

  7. One in the eye for the notch merchants and manufacturers!
    Hopefully, cheaper, European centered phones will jump on this bandwagon, instead of the likes of Huawei and L.G. jumping on the notch bandwagon and great to see a fingerprint sensor back on the front again, although, shame that you need to pick the thing up to activate it, one of my many gripes about rear mounted fingerprint sensors.

    Sad to say, it, like so many phones these days is way too big for my needs. 5" would be perfect.
    I'm sure there's a market for those of us who don't want to be carrying around near tablets all day long..

    Also, having owned a Huawei P9, for about 5 hours, I quickly discovered that a certain, well known, Hight St Bank's mobile App doesn't work on some Chinese phones…..
    I'd hate to shell out this amount of money, only to find out that this has the same issue.

    Still, all in all, this could be a signpost to the future, so far as bezelless phones go! :O)
    Oh, and take a look at that rear camera..almost a zero hump?
    Contrast that with the ugly monstrosities sticking out of the back of the iPhone X and others!

  8. Where can I buy

  9. Where can I buy

  10. In the video it seems that it has some kind of touch lag. Is it just the video or it has lag?

  11. No NFC 🙁

  12. Is it water resistent

  13. Why the hell are you cribbing about having to hold the finger at a specific point to scan the fingerprint? isn't is the same for ALL the phones????

  14. Got vivo nex for around $446 dollar in india with old phone (redmi note 4, exchange and some card discount

  15. That camera pop up can handle at least 17.5 kg of weight

  16. Nex has come with pretty good innovation. If that would have been case of Apple than that would have been great hit but Vivo is not that lucky but working hard to make its presence felt

  17. hey i got the same phone and i was trying to change my launcher and other stuff on my phone plz let me know how you did that

  18. @~500$ in India… with in-built playstore and customised launcher install feature, this is the BEST FLAGSHIP phone of 2018

  19. Hey guys,i'm about to buy a new phone but i'm a bit confused with this two choices which is oneplus 6 and vivo nex(8gb 128gb storage snapdragon 845 version)…Which one is better?some of them say that nex is better cause it has a nice display and big battery…I'm considering on mobile photography too..

  20. its full of chinese bloatware

  21. Jacqueline Leiman

    1. Poor Camera
    2. Terrible UI
    3. Unreliable Thumbprint scanner
    4. Not waterproof.

  22. Can you get rid of that fugly stock android white sheet in the UI?

  23. If they can make that bottom bezel the same size as the other sides I will switch so fast lmao

  24. Did you purchase on aliexpress?

  25. Find x is better

  26. Achaiah Ajinikanda

    That's it! I'm buying this 1.

  27. Screen is too big!!! Difficult to handle.. must have screen below 6 inch

  28. Nguyễn Hải Dương


  29. Anything bigger then the iphone x is just ridiculous to me. (TO ME) I wish this phone was smaller, its just too damn big, you dont need a phone this big

  30. And the pricing of the nex s on gearbest is really good

  31. I don't take selfies ever so just get rid of the front facing camera

  32. Nice seeing my hometown the background

  33. Bro is this phone got face ID unlock??

  34. Looks like a nice phone but it also looks a bit laggy. Software update maybe?..

  35. the integrated earpiece was a positive surprise?
    what? its awful, super quiet and poor quality… def the weakest point of the phone
    and the camers arent good, especially the selfie cam is poor

  36. dude your accent makes you sound super snobby and arrogant…

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