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The Trump Presidency: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

One yr after the presidential election, John Oliver discusses what now we have realized to this point and enlists our catheter cowboy to show Donald Trump what he hasn’t.

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  1. 1. Attack pro-Trump media
    2. Don't worry about dems with clubs that collude with Russia, have sex with interns in the oval office and the nwo deception; Trump is fat and ugly.
    3. The Ultimate Troll Title; not an uncensored nwo butt puppet that trivializes cannibalism and beastiality for the crown. 1 more thing; why does a pickle need glasses?

  2. Support the death of humanity
    Do the right thing

  3. I lost my job because of the bureaucratic BS of the US government (USCIS and USPS), I hope this country goes down man, I am tired of this shit! They have stopped giving a shit about the international students.

  4. Yes.  Trump's not perfect and he'd never be a friend of mine but this prat is worse.  Sanctimonious, know all, self-satisfied arsehole.

  5. Since he obviously didn’t really use the iPhone predictive text I tried it and it is actually even more trumpian:

    The nuclear power company has to put it up to a lot more power than it has been on and in a while and the rest is not a big one and a half hour and two hours before it was the last day to get it out of the water in a few days but I still think I can get a better one in order for you a bit more than anything but I’ll be sure that I will be there tomorrow to come to visit with my friends tomorrow morning so if I get to you meet me at your apartment or meet me tomorrow or tomorrow

  6. Fight Back Phone Scams

    Hahaha Trump supporters "whataboutism".. Soviet propaganda tool.. you guys want a dictatorship or what?

  7. forças nacionais


  8. Donald Trump, seu pesadelo né, esquerdista safado!!!

  9. Maybe Trump just needs to read more Wikipedia, maybe he will be smart some day. https://www.donaldopedia.com/president-quotes/cleaning-the-coal/

  10. Whataboutism goes back to Ceasar and Pompey

  11. Thank You Mr Oliver

  12. Donny the fat boy short penis Trump.Ask Stormy

  13. John Tyler, yuh motherf#cken limey pickle.

  14. That word for word speech.. and iPhone speech..

  15. This program is just leftist horseshit….

  16. Lol you look like a wet rat. But with worse teeth. And stupid

  17. the nuclear power stations and I can't stand on it so pls pls don't kill me please tell me why you live in a castle then the other chapter of my New Place Shakespeare wrote a two narrative poems called venus the only thing that was in the world differently to be cooked like a fish dish

  18. 4:31 I would have loved to have Anthony Atamanuik read that text.

  19. Get Janice from Accounting on Fox and Friends and we may see changes 🙂

  20. Trump: breathes

    John Oliver: REEEEE

  21. "It is essentially just a tu quoque fallacy, especially heinous because of the equivocation between fascist violence and anti-fascist violence"


  22. Vulgarities of the worse, I'm not surprised at all, you're from UK isn't it. UK culture is totally decadent. Islam will take control of England sooner that expected and it will be very funny, isn't it!

  23. 12:02 Trump: put up or shut up? I PUTin. Case closed

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