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The Special OnePlus 6 You Never Knew Existed…

This video options each and every OnePlus 6 smartphone. The OnePlus 6 in Mirror Black, Midnight Black, Silk White and naturally the extremely uncommon OnePlus 6 Avengers version. Given the selection, which the sort of OnePlus 6 smartphones would you select?



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  1. Which one would you choose?

  2. All the ships.. hmmm

  3. i am really like silk white..

  4. SebisSPORT Arad

    The Red One

  5. Awesome Mobile

  6. The Silk White without a doubt

  7. The silk white……ummm coz I'm a white phone kind of guy.

  8. i want the carbon fiber 🙂

  9. Rakesh Sahitya

    i m choose oneplus 6 black colour

  10. Lew your channel is great and it receives a lot of attention. And the way you hosting make it interesting and calling. All the best for the future.

  11. love the midnight!!!!!

  12. Saran Satinder

    Sir can you make a video on one plus 6 new headphone

  13. Saran Satinder

    And sir can i get one one plus 6 pleases sie.

  14. Great…but silk white.

  15. Everything you need is here

    drop that avengers edition here plzz

  16. amazing one but i like silk white …

  17. Rhenz Mascarenas

    Silk white

  18. khushal pitroda

    perfect smartphone for perfect movie of the all time…..

  19. This one is dope! hope they have a special wood casing available too. dont wanna wear carbon fiber all the time right!?

  20. I Gave You A BIG BIG

  21. Will definitely like the Silk White, you can't find that color nowadays with smartphones.

  22. I'll get the black mirror version i love it

  23. midnight black ofc

  24. Brilliant Mobile

  25. andrew sseruyange

    midnight black….simplicity, secrecy. Like driving the batmobile, no one needs to see how awesome it is till I let them see.

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