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The ROG Phone – Hands On!!!

ASUS has in the end introduced their ROG Phone which is designed with players in thoughts. it is specifications are tremendous spectacular and there is a ton of non-compulsory equipment….however is it extra moveable console than smartphone?

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Gear listing:
Panasonic GH5 – http://geni.us/nXAbU
Panasonic GH4 – http://geni.us/2hzK
Panasonic G7 – http://geni.us/24nm
Canon C100 – http://geni.us/vDI
Sony RX100m3 – http://geni.us/dtb
Sigma 18-35mm F1.eight – http://geni.us/dLL
Cinevate DUZI Slider – http://geni.us/1Hwt
AKG C314 – http://geni.us/6o9
AKG C 568 B – http://geni.us/1D2S
Zoom H5 – http://geni.us/2LUm
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  1. THATS MY BOY!!!

    The phone is nice but i would be teased for the rest of my life. It's a 100% repellent phone to the pussy

  2. Illuminati hunters

    Finnaly a real techtuber with this phone, I've had to settle for Austin before this

  3. Two questions / thoughts…

    – They emphasise active cooler, but it seems to be cooling through the glass on the back and an rgb logo?.?.?
    – It's an ROG gaming focuses phone but i don't recall hearing anything about a >60Hz display

    Looks cool though… But if the price is $1000+, pass

  4. Artas SilverRain

    if it looked like the razer phone and was waterproof. then i would get it.

  5. This is a very compelling answer to the Razer phone, much more fully featured. I really like the accessories. Although I do value water resistance much more than cooling performance for a phone, and the design is just as ugly as every other ROG product.

  6. If you don't like it, just say it, but the phone is awesome

  7. reminds me of the Ngage

  8. Gaming phones started and failed 20 years ago in the 90s. Taco phone ftl.

  9. Eber, please hold it with care.. you don't wanna drop dem expensive piece of revolutionary prototype gaming phone LOL

  10. if this is less then the dumb ass iphones im sure as hell getting it even know i hate rgb

  11. I love it… with all the attachments too… but will wait for the Samsung Note 9 and then make a decision.

  12. You really have no idea the target market for this phone. Saying that we do not want the RGB and what not. You NEED to look this as a gaming device first and mobile device later, targeted at gamers on the go, professional players and those that travel a lot. It would have been best if a gamer reviewed the phone or at least consider that on your review. Personally, I would never pay for this but at least I understand the target market and thus, do not dismiss the phone for what it is

  13. i like the style tbh, i wouldnt want one, actually i dont want a phone at all, not a fan of using active rgb features, i like setting it to a static color and leave it at that. maybe set like a "candle" effect so its flickering a lil but thats as far as id take it :p

  14. GalacticOblivion

    Man this reminds me of my old Xperia SP… I miss that colorful phone

  15. I can't stand the gamer aesthetic. It screams virgin.

  16. 512gb? my phone has 32gb and i'm just over half way full

  17. This is what my life is missing.

  18. Gay as fuck

  19. I love it

  20. I won't be an early adopter of this, but I really like and appreciate where they're going with this! I'd like to see more like it in the future, and I would probably opt for a gaming-centric phone with my next model.

  21. My life doesn't need that shit but i want it so badly

  22. This will be more expensive than the iPhone X. Probably.. Bcoz Asus, in search of incredible expenses.

  23. LOVE IT, but wish it was water resistant. That should have been a priority for ASUS.

  24. I wish the Switch had specs closer to what is in this phone – would love to see a switch with at least 1080p @ 60Hz output….

  25. I love it man

  26. CaRL DJuSTIceD

    So how much? Lol

  27. RGB on phones… (Fairly subjective matter, maybe even fully subjective) I hate this idea but if it can be turned on/off by something detached from the phone then it could help you find your phone I guess… Although why not have a controller than turns flashlight on/off if that's what you want. Other than that it looks stupid and will drain your battery a little bit – I guess by a minimal amount. And also eithout it more profit for asus and more space to work with in the phone – So I'm all against it but this will remain subjective and honestly as long as it can be off, why would it be a dealbreaker for anyone?

  28. Михаил Найденов

    I can only imagine how much money ASUS will lose because of this.

  29. Male Sensitivity

    Fuck Asus

  30. Here i am watching this videos with my trusty nexus 5 since 2012

  31. Montisaquadeis

    I can't think of any good android games that would even make use of specs like this an since I don't like most mobile games and prefer emulation which runs perfectly fine on older/weakers devices for example my Snapdragon 800 based Tablet for example and using a MOGA Pro Power bluetooth controller helps to extend battery life for me with its built in 2200mah one. So yeah I don't really see a real use for either The Razer Phone or this ROG phone. I personally own a Galaxy S8 and its been working fine for my needs heck even my old Note 3 was still solid until we switched carriers and I was forced to switch to the Note 4 which I had until I got the S8 and the Note 4 was still handing everything perfectly fine as well.

  32. My Computex 2018 most hilight (excited/interested)

    1. AMD TR2 up to 32 core CPU
    2. Intel 28 core 5GHz CUP (Core i9 2018)
    3. Asus ROG Phone ans its accessories

  33. What about screen refresh rate?

  34. Aint it tech from 2008?

  35. All we need now is a smartphone CPU that can run full x86 video games (the ones you'd play on a PC)…

  36. Trouble with this. Is there are no good mobile games. If I could get PSP and Nintendo-DS games on my phone? Then sign me up. But until then, it's a device for, nothing.

  37. 3,5mm <3
    no notch <3
    but too childish looking… 🙁 that Christmas lighting and exposed heatsink

  38. "gaming" on a smartphone… phuh I still avoid it like the plague.

    …gets bored at a waiting room, launches fallout shelter…..

  39. mmmm pay 2K forr a cellphone and buy a huge ass otter box case to cover everythign including the logo making it all a waste of money…and 512G of storage?!?!?! I cant even use 1G of my 4G SD card

  40. Lol I hit 116,999 views

  41. I’ll pass

  42. Wat about the display?? Refreshrate?

  43. David Hamilton

    Absolutely useless. This will go nowhere

  44. Irakli Mosulishvili

    so what's next, water cooling smart phones?

  45. Ultimate_Input

    Galaxy S7 has vapor cooling

  46. A huge plus: the cooling solution for high demand scenarios like gaming. At least I'm not the only one who thought about It.
    A negative point: RGB lighting in the back of a phone? (and right in the place the cooler will cover it!)
    I love the large battery, but not so long ago 3000 mAh or slightly above that was overkill and nowadays… It is not. Higher specs in the hardware and higher demanding software have a tendency to converge so batteries have a hard time making ends meet.
    I'm not expecting for the best of cameras in this phone. But I can ask for better than last year's LG V30, can't I?
    And… I feel like I should say this about the iPad Pro, or maybe an ultrabook, but with that processing power (both for speed and the multiple cores), the RAM, the graphics, the memory (did I really hear 512 GB???), and all… Add a keyboard, either bluetooth or through a dock, and the posibility of using a large screen (and it can be done with ROG's SD card reading dock), this could function as my everyday, on-the-go personal solution: notes at a conference or class, texts processing, taking pictures or video recordings, even rendering them, communications -it IS a phone, after all-, … It kind of reminded me of the "What's a computer?" ad.
    What do you think?

  47. I fucking love it.

    Can't afford it.

  48. What niche market… the thing has expanded storage up to 2tb. 7.1 dts surround sound amp so i can get premium headphones, Powerful battery etc..
    Flagship phones are removing features like built in dac for headphones and charge a arm and leg for expanded storage while force feeding u a ton of bullshit apps. If this thing had a cleaner look it would kill the mainstream market.

  49. They for sure did it better then Razer

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