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The Pocophone F1 Has A Problem…

The Pocophone F1 has confirmed itself to this point… however it is not very best.
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  1. DRM is the most unconsumer friendly term/tech that was invented.

  2. The problem is Nexflix…. Come on! Be serious

  3. 55.555 likes – consider this as another one.

  4. Or… you can just pirate. Easier, cheaper, whatever resolution you want to.

  5. stupid chinese phones always have problems. Fuck them and their companies

  6. And if apple did this y’all would have a full on heart attack and tell us every reason why apple sucks.

  7. Pocophone have a screen problem?

  8. How does this phone work on T-Mobile network? Also does this affect using Amazon cloudcam or Ring doorbell?

  9. So you are using it now for a week and more. When will we receive a full review about it. Because I want to replace my RMN5GLOBAL display damage

  10. Juan Carlos Gonzalez

    Are you getting something from Pocophone manufacturers? You can see the difference!

  11. Get the Netflix shows downloaded from movieskiduniya dot com

  12. Lou, would you buy a pocophone or an lgv30?

  13. Does Spotify use the DRM-Engine?

  14. Why would watch an hd vid on a phone, get a tv. Ill use it for games. Giz.

  15. The deal breaker is no NFC

  16. BBC
    Billionaire Boys Club
    Big Black Cock

    What else you got?

  17. mfw lew made a 6 min video about a first world problem

  18. who the hell watches netflix on a phone? Come on, the screen is so small.

  19. Update: Xiaomi is working on a solution together with Google and Qualcomm to fix this Widevine L1 Problem!!!

  20. Atleast better than iPhone!!!! Imao

  21. I watch Netflix on a big screen. Small phones are no fun. Because I have to use earphones to get good audio.

    Also, when I am on the go, to save cellular data, I watch in 480p. I have a 1.5 GB per day FUP cap.
    This will not be a major issue for us Indians.

  22. I bet this explosive media coverage on a trivial issue is because other android manufacturers are threatened by this great device. So they are flinging dirt.

  23. Yesssss! May OnePlus rise again!

  24. Beat thing about this video was the sound mixing. The subtle ominous undertone at the start with the upbeat optimistic shift when Lew says it’s not a dealbreaker. Nice job to the editor!

  25. Why the fuck would you name a phone after food especially after fucking popcorn, obviously some fucking Chinese people because they eat everything like fucking dickheads with their small Chinese yellow dicks and no fucking ballsacks. Fuck the Chinese

  26. And here i am watching this video in 144p
    And world is crazy avout hd..

  27. The problem is screen light bleed

  28. Wait, so my OnePlus 5 doesn't use HD on Netflix? I never knew

  29. I don't care

  30. Can you give this phone for Pubg plzzzz


  32. This alone made me skip xiaomi phones

  33. Able Chacko Elavumparayil

    Downgrading a phone it's the DRM News

  34. Nobody needs more than 240p anyway

  35. But can it run Crysis?

  36. >Acting like this is a bad thing.

  37. Dose your pocophone F1 has any kind of screen bleeding issues ?? Cause many pocophone users are now complaining that this phone has screen bleeding issues. Waiting for your answer bro.

  38. Which launcher unbox therepy used in poco

  39. What gsm carrier does he use that he can use cellular data on that phone?

  40. My god… Its a 300 smartphone ffs…
    So much baby rage

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