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The More Affordable All-Screen Smartphone…

The Vivo Nex is the most recent flagship smartphone from Vivo. It options some futuristic tech together with a close to bezel much less OLED show, motorized pop up digital camera and an in-display fingerprint scanner. The Vivo Nex gives an excellent set of options at a quite affordable worth. The Vivo Nex will get started round $700USD, now we simply want to persuade Vivo to release the instrument across the world. Is the Vivo Nex your subsequent smartphone?


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  1. If you had $700 to spend on a new smartphone what would you buy?

  2. Does anyone realises jack there?

  3. The UI is too apple-esque for me, this is a pass.

  4. does it work with tmobile lte?

  5. The only reason Apple is still relevant, when all the alternatives are reasonably superior, is because of the branding. It's like how countless Cavaliers fans only like them because of LeBron.

  6. They really need to up their user interface anesthetics. It looks very cheap

  7. The version with the Snapdragon 710 and regular fingerprint scanner is like $570

  8. I bought this phone, and it is piece of shit!! The inscreen speaker for calls is so bad, it makes conversations impossible and the finger print sensor doesn't work in dim light !!

  9. that guy is funny lol

  10. Why the Asians get all good phone ………… ^_^ [iPhone is not good phone so don't comment ]

  11. The third most powerful phone in the world next to 1.Rog phone and the 2.blackshark

  12. I hate how the Chinese phone makers are innovating on hardware front, while still copying apple in the software side of thing. Just. Sad.

  13. If I buy this, can I lit it on a carrier here in the us?

  14. when are they going to sell this shit in the US? daammmm it

  15. Please put your sim card in this Vivo NEX and share your experience with us with its usage…… Its a futuristic smartphone which we wanna know more about.

  16. buy a flip phone for 20 and used the money saved to buy a TV, a new pair of shoe, a ipad, a used iphone 6 and some gas

  17. And apple „innovates“…. xs / xr cough cough

  18. let me get this straight. you can buy this amazing phone for less than the new 'budget iphone:…..lol the world we live in

  19. This guy does alot of hyper drug. Like coffee

  20. in pakistan?? price?

  21. Diego Ruiz Chacoff

    where is the front speaker to listen a conversation on a phone call?

  22. Id be just fine if they completly done away with the forward facing camera. Not really into selfies thats seems kinda silly to be so imporntant. Especially since it worked just fine before they even came out. Doesnt anybody remember the little mirror next to the camera on the back of their old phones for selfies. Why does everyone have to take pics of themselves. That how i can tell when someone is fake on social media. If you have tons of pics of youreself you are probally a selfish person. Just my experience tho.

  23. I guess this exact design is going to be the iphone X5

    – no Headphone jack
    – no front camera (thats for an extra 500 bucks)
    – with a notch
    – 1999$ for budget friendly X5R
    – 2499$ for Small ass X5S
    – 2999$ for 7 inch iphone Max SEX5
    – Conditions apply

  24. And apple still says that they have the largest screen

  25. Apple : How Teh F**k to get rid of those NOTCH
    Vivo : Hey We Got Em
    Oppo : yeahh …….

    Xiaomi : HOLD MAA BEEERR

  26. It has an issue though, what happens if it falls while I'm taking a video call or taking a selfie?

  27. If it supports MetroPCS sim card I'll buy it

  28. AGNetwork Avais Gilani

    Will this work with any us carriers? If so which is most compatible?

  29. I fucking love your willie do comments…i die every single time Hillie Hoo Ha. Hahahaha. This is my favourite Unbox Therapy video.

  30. How to troll someone

    Read more

  31. After watching this video you got me interested, saw some reviews and then bought it , 0 regrets.
    The most thing I heard from friends and family before buying it : " You're going to pay that much for a chinese brand no one has ever heard of?? you dont understand nothing about phones.."
    Fun fact : most of them think iphones are the holy grail of phones ..smh

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