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The Markup, a tech-focused investigative news site, raises $20 million from Craigslist founder – TechCrunch

Celebrated former ProPublica investigative newshounds Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson are launching their latest challenge, the investigative nonprofit news group known as The Markup, with lend a hand from some large donors together with Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark.

The Markup co-founders Angwin, Larson and govt director Sue Gardner (the previous head of the Wikimedia Foundation), are sponsored by way of a $20 million donation from Newmark, founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies; $2 million from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; and further give a boost to from the Ford Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, consistent with a commentary.

The challenge was once incubated with an funding from the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Initiative and news of the brand new media challenge was once first reported in The New York Times.

“In a healthy society, there’s an ongoing conversation about what’s in the public interest—a debate that includes legislators, regulators, the institutions of civil society, the private sector, and the general public,” stated Gardner, in a commentary. “We aren’t having that debate right now about new technologies because the level of understanding of their effects is too low. That’s the problem that The Markup aims to fix, and I am delighted to have Craig Newmark, and some of the United States’ most prominent private foundations, join us to do this.”

Newmark has been engaged in lots of philanthropic initiatives. He’s put $500,000 of his cash towards reducing harassment on Wikipedia and has pledged $1 million to Angwin and Larson’s previous bosses at ProPublica.

“I’m proud to back The Markup and support people whose work I’ve followed and admired for a long time,” Newmark stated. “As a news consumer, I look for journalism that I can trust, and by producing data-driven, rigorously fact-checked reporting on the effects of technology on society, The Markup is helping to fill a largely unmet need.”

Gardner prior to now ran the CBC.CA, the site of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Angwin is a Pulitzer Prize winner who p labored at The Wall Street Journal and ProPublica; and Larson, a knowledge journalist, has gained the distinguished Peabody Award and the Livingston Award for Young Journalists. He used to paintings at The Nation.

At ProPublica the duo’s scoops included the revelation of discriminatory advertising practices at Facebook; algorithmic bias in criminal risk scores utilized in bail, sentencing and parole selections; price discrimination toward minorities in automobile insurance coverage charges; and cybersecurity holes in the President’s home-away-from-home, the Mar-A-Lago nation membership.

“I’m excited to build a team with deep expertise that can really scale up and advance the work Jeff and I began at ProPublica,” Angwin stated, in a commentary. “We see The Markup as a new kind of news organization, staffed with journalists who know how to investigate the uses of new technologies and make their effects understandable to non-experts.”

The Markup is having a look to group of workers up with 24 newshounds for its New York place of work and is hoping to release within the early a part of 2019.

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