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The iPhone X may be nearing its end (The Apple Core)

Apple may be making means for its 3 new iPhones by way of discontinuing two of its present iPhones — and the whole thing we all know up to now in regards to the subsequent release match.

The iPhone X Plus may no longer be as large as anticipated, and the 2018 iPhone may be orange – https://www.cnet.com/news/the-iphone-x-plus-may-not-be-as-big-as-expected-and-the-2018-iphone-could-be-orange/

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  1. Mohammed Hussain

    What happened to Apple byte

  2. cnet you need a new host for apple news maybe reach out to @ijustine

  3. What the hell did I just watch?!

  4. U mean the iPhone X will be more rare

  5. Useless thing in this world is …iphones


  7. The phone names will be called: arm and a leg.

  8. Isn't this the case every year??? The new iPhone comes out every fall. Early September. Why is this a news?

  9. i just got the iPhone 8 and i love it because it fits in my pocket so comfy, and it has a finger print censor, ill keep it till the end of time

  10. What happen to that Thong guy?

  11. Money maker

  12. Awe In only 2 months ur x will only be worth 50% of original price : (

  13. Trash, through and through.

  14. Er Apple you wankers $700 isn’t budget!. Look at the other things you can buy for $700
    – a package holiday
    – an economy flight return to Europe
    – a new wardrobe ( H&M)
    – a laptop


  15. They should destroy the notch.

  16. Come on CNET. After Bryan tong left you shouldn’t have tried to replace the Apple byte with this. I’m not hating on the host, she’s doing a good job, and doing what she was assigned to do. But it’s hard to recapture audience of the Apple byte.

  17. apple is wack the iphonx x is trash not worth $1,000 i only got one iphone the 4s first iPhone with Siri it was trash I got it from AT&T and had to pay a $70 upfront cost one time it was an issue with the screen a month after I got the phone I never dropped there anything on the screen just flickering and went out water to an Apple Store actually the one in Grand Central in New York City where i grew up and they played me said that $70 doesn't cover screens or anything I actually so I felt scammed I said I can order from your phone that's refurbished for 300 after i paid at&t $299.00 for the 32 gb I was so mad I returned that phone at AT&T and what would an Android phone and never look back even though I had Android before I haven't had a problem since like that I'll call Apple the evil McIntosh Corporation

  18. MAY be nearing their end. In September. Like every year.


  20. my jailbroken iPhone X is everything I’ve wanted in a phone

  21. I used to watch every week and anticipate watching… Sorry CNET u got this one wrong. Next.

  22. I'm not even an apple fan. But at least Brian Tong is gone now! And I can watch these update videos without being annoyed.

  23. RIP iPhone u r waste phone

  24. And that's why I dont think I'll be buying an iphone again

  25. Iphone is dead

  26. Iphone x is the best smartphone ever….

  27. This girl is smoking hot.

  28. Just go with android, you can do everything you want

  29. Chance and Maddie VLOG CHANNEL

    I like the song in The began

  30. rPizza Spaghetti

    The iPhone X was so ass

  31. Corny. The iPhone X is the best just stop with the hate already!!! Can’t wait for the X plus to come out

  32. Of course. It's a horrible phone

  33. Been saying the iPhone X is gonna die for the last 6 months

  34. iPhone X is the best phone I have ever had. Long list of stuff it does amazingly well.
    The speakers are out of this world. Beyond me how they get such big sound out of such tiny speakers. A little more and it’s like a boom box.

    To the haters. Hate all u want but your Galaxy and inferior iPhones don’t come close to the X.

  35. Man, i really don’t care anymore. They’ve lost their mojo

  36. If they just stop making the Gen 1 iPhone X that just means it will be worth more in the future 🙂 1000 dollars well spent.

  37. Are you for real I have an iPhone X and it’s silver grey

  38. Who cares cutie

  39. まんこ Manko

    I stopped by to say is cnet an opinion site like BuzzFeed since you broke into political views why should I listen to BuzzFeed style news like cnet

  40. Long live iPhone SE

  41. Doesn't she get it? Theres a reason why over 40% of the viewers dislike this serie.

  42. Crap… I like the iPhone X

  43. iPhone X is the future

  44. Iphone is becoming more and more like huawei 🙁

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