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The Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Galaxy Note 9 – Whitestone Dome

The Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Galaxy Note 9 – Whitestone Dome
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  1. #Squad Roll Call

  2. Yo flossy , are you personly using a glass screen protector ? because i Haven't used that for years , should get my Note 9 any time now … That screen protector will definitely collect dust on the to of the edge . so thats a NO GO for me . when you going to do the real review on the Note 9 , cant wait …peace out

  3. Salute Floss. Damn, that was really cool

  4. Tshomlee Arellano

    Is the whitestone only for scratches or will it also protect it from imapct?

  5. What if you crack the screen protector, how's the removing?

  6. What happens when/if you want to take the screen protector off? Does the adhesive come off with it or will it be all gluey and sticky? Also, what's the advantage of this vs just a regular old school sticky back screen protector that you just slap on?

  7. Anyone have any idea if the whitestone dome for S8+ can be used on an S9+????

  8. Anyone have any idea if the whitedome for S8+ can be used on an S9+????

  9. We all know Whitestone is gonna get famous now. They have to make a giveaway with you or something

  10. Damn Floss you made that shit look easy!

  11. Ima live forever cause a legend never dies

    Do u do giveaways

  12. Yo Flossy, I want to know when you obviously get it if this will work with the 5k mah zerolemon case that came out for the N9. Have a great day man. Love the videos.

  13. I put the Flim Protectors on my notes. I've never liked the glass ones, they always break when you drop them, the film doesn't protect except for scratches but never had a screen break. Ordered the 2 pack, but fuk me 60$ for this setup 🙁

  14. How to take it off if you needed to?

  15. I used it for note 8. Great protector from aesthetic point of view. However be warned when using the gear vr, it will leave bubbles from the adapter.

  16. Floss what about finger makrs on that protector, they are more visible than normal on screen?

  17. Just bought one for my note 9 thanks flossy

  18. … And adhesive does come off relatively easy. Just patiently pick up from each side. Even if adhesive does go over your phone when installing it – Don't stres, it's not super glue. Comes of easily with wet wipes.

  19. My note 9 will arrive in a few days, BEAST MODE

  20. Yo im so pissed i preordered a note9 before verizon was offering a buy one get one free so i missed out on a free note9

  21. Sure i will get it thanks flossy for this review

  22. Jonathan Casters

    Looks like an awsome cover. I used glass covers on my note 8 and they broke very quickly on the edges. Is this the case as well with this one? Btw: looking out to your real review of the note 9!!

  23. "you got your usual books and shit" Lol

  24. Shout out to whiteshoes. . By the way if i dnt have uv light, what other way to dry the screen protector?

  25. now take it off pls….giggity

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