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Thanks for observing! Let me know what you guys concept off the ones ill product pictures at the start of the video! I actually put a large number of effort and time into this video, and I’m hoping it displays!

Samson GoMic: http://a.co/0oi15aT
Apple Camera Adapter: http://a.co/ehjWE14

My Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/MarfGaming

Music: (so as of look)
Virtual Self – “Ghost Voices”

Recording data:
Devices: [i5-7500, RX 560 Custom PC], iPhone eight Plus
Recorder: ScreenFlow 7
Editing Program: ScreenFlow 7

Still right here within the description? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  1. nice

  2. For me it's just my phone, tablet, and earbuds.
    I connect my earbuds and record the game with internal audio only, and use my tablet to record my voice without the earbuds and then just combine the audio into the video

  3. The Samsung go mic sounds the same

  4. Paul Taylor_YT

    There was these two apps I used for recording and you could record internal audio and not have the mic option turned on which was the best thing ever for me. Now Google's Policy has changed and they aren't allowed to have internal audio anymore which is fucking bullshit. Is there anything like this for Android? Nice intro with those shots btw! Loved the video man! 😀

  5. The camera work was good


    Dang look at dem setup mine is just a phone and a headphone

  7. i use az screen to record footage

  8. pubg mobile!

  9. What would I do if I am a samsung person

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