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The Best Mobile Photography Tool – Moment Lens Review

Check out second: https://www.shopmoment.com/shop?tap_a=30146-d3ce98&tap_s=225319-d2eff7&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=ambassador&utm_campaign=Moment+Referral+Program&utm_content=billykyle
How to make use of your Moment Lenses with the DJI Osmo Mobile: https://youtu.be/bPCbsxHUKvk

Gear I exploit:

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  1. 1- Nice video Billy..

  2. since you prefer not to answer my question about you drone certification status I would like to inform you that you are " in Furtherance of a business" with your Drone videos, which makes you a commercial Drone Pilot not a Hobbyist, requiring you to have a 107 UAS Pilot Certification issued by the FAA. Don't let the FAA catch you and give you a stuff fine if not certified

  3. Macro lens is cool.

  4. Your Link takes me to this Crap…"Meet the World's #1 All-in-one Referral Software"..
    What's that all about. How about a link to the lenses instead…:/

  5. Nice video, thanks!

  6. Nice job Billy

  7. pinche Billy, eres chingon wey

  8. For me, I agree about having the phone always available. However, if I am going to be carrying around a bunch of snap on lenses and extra case, then it negates the reason why I might leave the dSLR at home (sans perhaps the space)…

  9. Have had these lenses since the Moment Kickstarter offering. Love them! On second case. 1st one had glue on adapter for connecting lenses. Had to use hair dryer to get it off to sell phone. New one, as Bill showed connect directly to case. Don’t have super wide lens but have all the others.

  10. Do you have to get/buy counterweights to use these lenses with a gimbal like the Osmo Mobile 2?

  11. Hamlin Media Productions

    I really wish they made like a clip or something so you didn't have to buy their case but other than that I really like the lens'!

  12. Nice review Billy … I wonder if you could compare the Moment gear to what RhinoShield offers at somewhat lower price – also looks high quality though and you can choose between couple of case design options to be able to mount the add-on lens – https://rhinoshield.io

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