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The Best Galaxy S9 Features You Might’ve Missed

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As of the day this video hits the feeds, you’ll formally purchase the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s a very good smartphone, but it surely’s so very similar to its predecessor that, to your haste to transport into it, it’s possible you’ll pass over some nice choices each new and previous. So sign up for me for a take a look at my favourite under-represented Galaxy S9 options in a transformation of tempo from the standard spherical of evaluations and first-looks – and if you have got favourite Galaxy S9 options of your personal to proportion, please achieve this down within the feedback!




Samsung Galaxy S9:


Top 10 Essential Galaxy S9 Tips [The Tech Chap]:

bxActions Bixby Remapper :

Animated Galaxy S9 border wallpaper [lock screen only]:

Galaxy S9 Review [Android Central]:


“Days and Days” via Eternity Bro, to be had at Premium Beat:

“Live Up” via Cymatix, to be had at Premium Beat:

“True Persistence” via Cymatix, to be had at Premium Beat:





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  1. Indie In The Blood

    quick open notification panel! thanks! was so annoying trying to swipe the top of the screen all the time

  2. U missed one…Sliding down and up on the fingerprint sensor scrolls the notification panel down and up

  3. Hmm weird i would expect you have more subs , i found your channel today …you are my favourite guy on android authority

  4. Hmm weird i would expect you have more subs , i found your channel today …you are my favourite guy on android authority

  5. purple wallpaper link plzzz

  6. Good job

  7. What's that theme???

  8. Thanks for the video!

    Does anyone know how to open a new tab on the s9 when clicking on a link in a Gmail email?

  9. What is the theme you are using?

  10. Anish Srivastava

    What’s the theme name ?

  11. Hey how is the notification bar dark?

  12. Okay!! I rly need to know the theme you have applied to the phone. in this video.. plz and thank you

  13. Could someone please tell me the theme he is using? Thank you.

  14. Nishitha Sapukotanage

    What's ur theme?

  15. It's just as boring as the last one

  16. I live in Irvine!

  17. Ill be damned if the USS Yamoto visual gag at 0:49 didn't genuinely make me laugh XD

  18. Nåppý Ťhe.Fàllen

    Honestly Bixby is alright

  19. Pranay Chaturvedi

    I like the theme, which one is it?

  20. Anyone know the theme he has on his phone?

  21. What theme is this?
    I want my s9+ to look lime this

  22. Michael, Good video; good tips. I'm considering a smart watch, the Ticwatch E. In this video; what type of watch are you wearing?

  23. The easy swipe notification screen is default now

  24. Best phone by a mile, I love my S9 plus.

  25. That's the s9+

  26. where can i find that wallpaper?

  27. Hi, Mr. Fisher. I'd like to know the name of the theme you are using on the S9 in this video. The one with the black background. Thank you.

  28. Which launcher are you using?

  29. Great video I just got the S9+ and I am loving this phone, including edge apps which I didn't think I would need or like!

  30. @3.36 please let me know is the edge screen modes available in Samsung S9, and if yes then from were to download
    Please let me know.

  31. Can you make a video how to fix do not disturb whatsapp calls ? When the do not disturb is on, whatsapp calls still ringing

  32. Hi please can you tell me which theme or wallpaper use in this video

  33. Arseen RC/ Radio control hobby

    I really need help how to get back Google on rectangle shape


  34. What theme is he using?

  35. Can you tell which theme are you using ???

  36. Hi! What is that theme on your phone?

  37. Min 4:45, wich theme is that? Just want to download it! Thanks!

  38. How do you make settings background black

  39. What theme are you using in this video?

  40. so you are saying i missed every single commercial of this phone ever created and published? hahahahahaha, what a useless video

  41. What's theme are you using?

  42. What theme is that ? Looks dope

  43. He has a nice voice

  44. How do you get that theme

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