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Testing Cheap Camera Products From Wish!

Testing affordable cameras from Wish.com!

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Camera: http://amzn.to/2hOFUGa
Lens: http://amzn.to/2hOPlFN
Microphone: http://amzn.to/2gKa95m
Lighting: http://amzn.to/2gK4PyQ

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  1. 5:51 what the back when it shows the picture the flash isn't on the camera

  2. Almost hit subscribe but then I’m like she didn’t even use the macro lens right. Passed!

  3. Please take down the video and get yourself into basic photography to learn about it instead of you reviewing it. I cringe when you tried to mount the camera on the tripod

  4. Wat camera do u use?

  5. Ooh girl you used those lenses completely wrong!

  6. the lenses screw on to other canon lenses

  7. This first product was pretty cringy did not know how to iluse it

  8. Felipe Pereira-Cabral

    Ur so stupid

  9. This video really irritates me, being a photographer. She doesn't know what micro and macro means lol the lense was blurry because it was for really really close up shots. PLEASE STOP lol

  10. Please delete this video

  11. It most likely screws on the end of your existing lens

  12. You’re a literal dumbass. The “lenses” you got were supposed to be attached to your literal lens. You are super ignorant

  13. the steel botanist

    This is painful. Sorry but you didnt use any of them right

  14. Really misleading thumbnail saying you bought a camera of off wish. But you just get stuff you don't even know how to use or take a little more time to find out how to use them. How the hell can you have so many subscribers have a camera like that and don't know how basic stuff like that works..

  15. Use this code to get 50% off wish –


  16. For macro, you are supposed to put it super close up to something

  17. The iPhone lens does come with 3 the big one she had unscroose from another one if she. Un scroose it from the clip and then try to unscroo it again it makes two different ones I have it

  18. The blury one is for upclose things duh

  19. Omg youtubers nowadays acting like they profesional photographers by using camera equipment they dont need. Dont understand why you need a whole camera crew just to film a video

  20. the first one you used was the fisheye. the second one was the macro. your supposed to go very close on something. it’s kind of like a magnifying glass

  21. I cant even begin to comprehend on how you cant read or look up on how to use these types of camera lens correctly. This is so disappointing

  22. you are using the first lenses wrong your dumb

  23. Omg.. So stupid

  24. This pissed me off

  25. i'm sorry you used everything wrong :'(

  26. The first clip on lens was Fish eye. The second one was macro and it was blurry because you need to get super close to the thing you are photographing for it to focus on the detail. The third lens that you couldn't find would of been a base lens and would have been screwed under one of the other lenses.

  27. IDE probably get the tripod cause I badly need one

  28. Please stop making videos about stuff that you don't even understand.

  29. I like myself in the video!

  30. you do not knoe how to use the first item

  31. That's the problem when you buy subscribers, you don't know how to use all the products!

  32. You attach it to the front of the lens not the body

  33. it’s these people that make me mad. they want a nice camera to take cute pictures with their friends or whatever so their mom and dad get them an expensive camera. then there’s ME and other people like me that actually know how a camera works and wants to do a career in photography but can’t afford cameras. so they’re stuck working their butts off to even get a decent camera. just makes me upset.

  34. You have all this gear but you couldn't even get a stedicam or gimbal for your video camera. Nice.

  35. Um, does she know how to use the first product, lol

  36. Ok I'm a beginner and even I know that the "lenses" can't be used by themselves. Do you have expensive equipment because you don't know how to use the basic stuff?? The equipment doesn't make the photographer. I've gotten some great shots with a disposable camera by just shooting from the correct angle. I was honestly cringing,

  37. The first one she did it to far away

  38. Kianna Ferreira-Cannon

    This gave me a headache.

  39. The first one is a fish eye and the second a macro stupid

  40. You know what wish means … It means I wish I didn't spend all my money one wish

  41. I bought the 1st one you showed, and the lens that said the 2 different lens types are 2 seperate lenses. You have to unscrew them from each other lol.

  42. Hei… great vid. I.m new on youtube pleease go and check my vids!! love yaaa

  43. Can you link the small camera for us

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