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📉Technology Stock Market Crash-Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook📉

Nasdaq: -Three% Technology shares stay beneath heavy promoting power is it time to shop for or must we stay up for decrease costs?
Idea #1-Big Tech Companies Taxed as Trade Wars Heat up
The United Kingdom has introduced plans to tax the revenues of main tech corporations.
Treasury leader Philip Hammond stated Monday 2% levy on gross sales of virtual products and services within the United Kingdom can be applied in April 2020.

Idea #2 Anti-Trust Legislation
President Donald Trump says his management was once “taking a look at” antitrust lawsuits in opposition to tech giants Amazon, Facebook, and Google.
In an interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan and Jim VandeHei at the information web page’s premiere HBO display Sunday night time, Trump stated the European Union’s $five billion high quality in opposition to Google made him imagine pursuing legislation.
“You have a look at the European Union, they fined I assume it was once Google, billions of bucks, and albeit I do not like that they are doing that as a result of that is an American corporate,” Trump stated. “I do not believe it is excellent that they are doing that. But if anyone does that, it must be us doing it.”
Swan requested if Trump would direct the Justice Department to appear into the corporate as a monopoly, and Trump spoke back it was once “indisputably one thing we are taking a look at.”
When requested if he would ever smash the corporations up, Trump stated earlier administrations had mentioned it however the motion by no means materialized.
“But you are in fee now,” Swan interjected.
“I’m without a doubt in fee, and we’re indisputably taking a look at it,” Trump stated, earlier than clarifying he was once speaking about antitrust lawsuits for all 3 corporations.
Responsibility for such lawsuits would fall to the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division.
“That does not imply we are doing it, however we are indisputably taking a look at it,” Trump stated. “I believe the general public surmised that.”
These feedback are the most recent in Trump’s public goals on the 3 tech giants, which he up to now stated may constitute a “very antitrust state of affairs.”
Though he has known as the corporations “rigged” and warned Google particularly “higher watch out,” Trump has previously stopped wanting commenting on breaking the corporations up.

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  1. The stock market is headed lower there's no doubt in my mind. Don't buy anything until we see some real panic selling!

  2. I am more worried about our national debt than the trade war.

  3. I’m holding a ton of apple stock and I’m thinking really hard about potentially selling it. My cost basis is 65 dollars per share. What do you think?

  4. We are definitely going to retest the lows in the NASDAQ. I’m looking to buy google and amazon at lower prices.

  5. The global trade war is just getting started. Trump started something much bigger than he ever imagined it would become!!!

  6. My retirement accounts have been getting CRUSHED… hopefully soon we find an investable bottom….

  7. Hmm, very interesting insights. I’m sitting in full cash. The market is much too volatile right now to be invested in anything. I’m not in a rush to invest my money into anything

  8. I think it would be stupid to break up any of these companies. They all have a huge Chinese Pendant, which means 5 years + down the line all of that data could go to China. Amazon is not a monopoloy and still not even the biggest retailer. As for Facebook- the whole point of a social media kind of is, that everyone else is also on it. Facebook is also helping the economy as a whole , because it makes advertising a lot more efficient. There is no way to target consumers directly like Facebook can, which means a lot more purchases and a lot less money wasted on ads.

  9. I love you man

  10. Trump has opened a can of worms since the trade tariffs

  11. Great insight. I am long on Apple & Facebook

  12. Rigged!

  13. Fuck globalism!

  14. Oh, and fuck that person that hit the thumbs down!

  15. US-China War inevitable, first Economic then Military,
    Repeat of Britain-China War in the 1850s.

  16. Thanks for your insights. Similar to your analysis, the market, I consider, is approaching a bottom, somewhere around the previous low. The following bounce back, which will last for a few weeks to months, is likely only covering the half way to the historical high of the market, due to the deteriorate forecast.

  17. Stock Market 101 - Stock Market Videos

    Apple looking tastyyyy

  18. Thanks for always being clear and straight to the point

  19. I want a major stock crash

  20. We will see a february lows..

  21. If one Company goes down in a sector re Activision – Blizzard then Ea And T2 drop.Aurora – Then Tilray and Canopy drop.
    Im waiting for more drops to come!! Bargains on Sale!!

  22. Road to the 2 Comma Club

    You don’t feel like you’re contributing to the FUD by putting “CRASH” in all your titles? You’re gonna scare everyone into selling man! Lol

  23. Trump will not breakup tech companies Burnie will.

  24. Im mad its soooo many quality companies but i dont have money for them all smh. Im grabbing companies near there lows and taking small positions and adding on a prioritize basis. Jack bogle said own the market so thats what im trying to do. I think we will end the year low but start off '19 on a nice run so im positioning for that. Trump will follow thru if the dems come for him thru the companies he associated with. He petty like that. He the type of person that will try to take everybody down if he goes down. Thats the vibe i get from him.

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