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Smartisan Nut Pro 2 Review! Great phone with very weird problems🤔

Smartisan Nut Pro 2 Review! Great phone hampered by means of weird problems
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Smartisan Nut Pro 2 Specifications:
Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Octacore Processor
6” 18:nine 2160×1080 LCD
four/6GB RAM, 32/128GB ROM
Android 7.1.1 Nougat
3500mAh Battery
156g, 15.45 x 7.35 x zero.74 cm

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  1. Thanks was going 2 buy it but nah d lagging is a no

  2. Why are you almost whispering? LOL LOL Your talking so low like your in a library LOL LOL

  3. So, the problem is with the internacional rom, right? Aside this, and the phone probably isnt going to be updated to Oreo, any other major flaws?

  4. It's lcd..You have mentioned it AMOLED in the description

  5. Ser empreendedor - Jorge Martins

    Hi Zi!
    Thank you for your great review's. What you say between Xiaomi Mi6 and Smartisan Nut Pro 2?

  6. The cameras recording video and stabilizer is as if it were a high-end

  7. This company is known for good system,there must be Smth wrong.

  8. you are the best where the giveaway for this great phone please please i want this phone <3 <3 <3

  9. There is an option in settings to swap to stock android launcher. Check out SMARTPHONE WARS YouTube review of this phone.

  10. Those weird problems must've really drove you nuts! 😛

  11. Let me know when or if you find a ROM as mine is the same. My update downloads but the install fails! Disappointing.

  12. anton purba harteja

    Dear all, sorry for my bad english, i have managed to break the problem smartisan nut pro 2 with custom rom from the distributor. please use the way as in this link http://bbs.smartisan.com/m/#!/thread/799739, You can search dfc cable on google. I now running on smartisan os 4.1.6 and it make the phone run great. Thanks

  13. Mulong Manaloto

    Not available in UAE

  14. You should get a quick charger, I'm surprised you don't have one with all the tech you have there!

  15. Nic eee phone

  16. Ser empreendedor - Jorge Martins

    Any news on how to fix the international ROM?

  17. You should change to the Chinese version of the hammer cell phone system
    How do mobile phones from China teach all the mobile phones in the world to do human-computer interaction

  18. Yea I like this. So ,it's very informative review about this phone.

  19. I can confirm that using the official chinese rom is not choppy at all. Besides you can install google play and I have no problem updating google services, google play and even ota rom works flawlessly. This is the best phone I ever had ,period (drop mic )

  20. Bro is there no bezzels possible in phone

  21. 中央一套 hahahahahah

  22. Full review of the Smartisan Nut Pro 2 here! (after fixing software)


  23. LED notifications?

  24. ? Has it double tap to wake up screen

  25. Sanjay Ram Naik Azmera

    Bro can suggest which one is better for ordering Phone to india(Hyderabad)
    Banggood vs Aliexpress vs Gearbest??

  26. Google play services could be installed without integration to the system and that is the stock rom and UI if i'm not mistaken.

  27. Incredible audio sounds ! Sounds nice ! Decent camera taking nice pictures ! Well build with gorrilla glass ! 9 hrs of screentime ! But problem with preinstalled google play causing no updates and lagging ! Software problems ! Despite this problem ,can be bought at $400 US !

  28. why does the icons look different that advertised and how do i get it to look like that

  29. Turning-point W

    why don't review smatisan os?

  30. thats the stock rom they have installed only playstore via apk .

  31. TheEvilPenguinGamer

    Did you ever find the way to view the battery graph? I was looking through smartisan chinese forum and someone posted a screenshot of the battery graph, you can definitely get it somehow

  32. huh? I can't really hear you!

  33. zte axon 7 vs this phone audio quality speakers and headphone, which is better?

  34. Wildan Abdillah

    Nice phone with nice price 😀

  35. 3:18 What was the name of that show? pleeeaaaseee … looks amazing !

  36. Does the camera have Pro or Manual Mode?

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