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Should you UPGRADE? – iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS/XS MAX – 17 Differences

The iPhone XR is an ordinary telephone isn’t it? At $750 bucks, it’s no longer precisely the cheap iPhone that everyone used to be hoping for therefore will have to you improve to it? or will have to you make a selection the iPhone XS as a substitute?

The iPhone Xr is ~75% the price of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max so is the Xr three/four of the telephone that the Xs’s are? That’s the query you want to solution if you’re making an attempt to determine which software to improve to.

Here’s 17 variations to assist you choose from the 2 units.

1. Larger garage on iPhone XS’s

The base capability for all 3 telephones is identical at 64 gb BUT if you’re at all times operating out of house, the XS’s have 256GB and 512GB choices while the iPhone Xr handiest has 128GB and 256GB garage choices.

2. OLED vs. LCD (Brighter Screen)

The iPhone Xs’s have an OLED display screen that Apple has known as Super Retina HD whilst the Xr has an LCD display screen known as Liquid Retina HD. What’s the adaptation between Super and Liquid? Well, Liquid sounds method sexier doesn’t it?

To stay it brief, issues glance higher on an OLED display screen.

three. Different display screen resolutions

With the OLED monitors, you get upper pixel resolutions because of this your image and movies will glance just a little higher at the iPhone Xs’s. Here’s a microscopic take a look at the monitors, you can surely inform that one has smaller pixels than the opposite.

four. Bigger display screen at the iPhone XS

five. XS’s permits for HDR playback

Better display screen? Better video playback revel in (if the video flow helps it…Netflix does)

6. XS’s have higher distinction ratio

The OLED display screen at the iPhone XS’s have a a lot better distinction ratio (1000000:1 vs 1400:1) because of this colours glance higher.

7. iPhone XR doesn’t have 3-d Touch

This used to be just a little unexpected to me as the large technological characteristic of the iPhone 6s’s, 3-d Touch has been left out within the iPhone Xr.

eight. Different measurement/weights

This one is a no-brainer. The iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr are all other sizes. The easiest dealing with iPhone? It’s the smallest iPhone that prices $250 bucks greater than the most affordable one.

nine. Water coverage/Splash Protection

When it involves total toughness, the iPhone XS’s are rated to IP68 because of this they’re complete submersible to 2m for 30 minutes. The iPhone XR has iP67 which is 1 m for 30 minutes.

10. Single lens on XR (no telephoto)

In my opinion, the largest distinction between the XS’s and the XR is the digital camera. The XR is lacking the telephoto lens.

11. Fewer Portrait mode settings

The iPhone XR handiest has three portrait mode settings at the rear digital camera. The XS’s have five. The two which are lacking? Stage and Stage Mono.

12.Faster LTE on XS’s

The XS’s have a Gigabyte LTE modem. The XR has LTE complex. The distinction between the 2 goes to be about 500Mpbs IF you’re wi-fi community helps it WHICH I doubt since Gigabyte cell speeds is within the realm of 5G.

13.Better battery on iPhone XR

By just a little bit. Apple’s turn out to be slightly cryptic with their battery existence with statements of “lasts 30 mins longer than the iPhone X” however don’t actually quantify WHAT the iPhone is if truth be told doing. Is it dimmed all of the method down in aircraft mode as a result of the ones further 30 minutes are going to be SO helpful.

14.iPhone XS is not symmetrical

This is more than likely going tomatoes for a couple of folks as the ground of the iPhone Xs isn’t symmetrical. There’s an antennae piece that is going the place the headphone jack is assume to move while the iPhone Xr’s backside is totally uniform.

15.Xr goes to be inexpensive to fix

When it involves total restore prices, the Xr comes out on best. Without Apple Care, changing the display screen at the XS Max is 329, the common is 279 and the Xr is handiest 199.

16.Xr is far more vibrant

When it involves total colours, the XR comes out on best IF you need one thing that’s just a little excessive. I’ll be fair with you, I may just ~virtually forgo all of the advantages of the iPhone XS’s for a yellow iPhone XR.

17.The XR is inexpensive

By so much. The XR is $750 bucks, the XS is $999 and the XS Max is $1099. With the XR, you’re saving between $250 and $350 bucks and you’re. To take a look at it otherwise, the XR is handiest ~70-75% the cost of Apple’s Premium software.

–What’s my non-public deal breaker?–

You”ll have to determine within the video!

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  1. I just about had full on FOMO until it looked like you were directly asking me why would I upgrade from the X. Why would I spend that money. Thank you good sir. That was the slap I needed.

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  4. XR – splash proof?????? Since when ip67 is just splash proof?

  5. Hold down on the space bar to get your mouse feature on the Xr.

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  7. Love your channel man!

  8. Do you think Face ID is worth the upgrade to XR from an 8 I know you said no in the video, but I’m considering Face ID and the bigger screen?

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  11. Verizon IPhone XR has serious connectivity problems

  12. I wanted more storage in my iPhone and my sister wanted to upgrade her iPhone 6S so I gave her my iPhone X and I got a iPhone XS Max 512GB I have always gotten the iPhone with the most storage

  13. Best review I have seen so far, but why would someone upgrade to an iphone 8plus instead of a XR when it's only about $50 differences.
    Right now I am in a dilemma of choosing XR 128G($799) or XS 256G($1149), but if XS 256G is in the consideration why not throw $100 more for an XS MAX 256G($1249).
    I am upgrading from an iphone 6, so the features missing on a XR would be the ones that I never had,
    but planning to use this new phone for the next 2~3 years makes it harder to choose from because I would probably want to buy a flagship device so it can last 2~3 years.
    Apple is pretty slick for taking out the option of XS 128G (probably$1049 if it were available), I'll definitely chose this model if it were available.

    Any iphone 6 users out there? Which model did you guys upgrade to? Thanks!

    Quick question about the XS MAX:
    1. XS or XS Max? coming from iPhone 6, XS would be a bigger screen already, but feel like it's a waste not to throw in another hundred bucks for XS MAX. I think I'll have no problem using a bigger screen phone, but more curious about the mobility, do you carry the XS Max in your pocket? will it be a trouble to carry it around?

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  15. The big screen is gorgeous no doubt I would’ve paid $1100 last year for the screen on the S max but it stings with nothingness that different it’s things this year.
    if things couldn’t get worse iOS 12.1 update has placed the option to throttle down your battery for performance on the x, eight, and 8+ example my second iPhone X was Replaced September 9 do to ghost touch something that wasn’t spoken about much. So the batteries brand new. I gave the phone to my son and told him to turn off that feature nothings going to happen to the battery with a brand new iPhone X and it being only 2 months old. This is Apple really strategically moving us into another price range.

  16. Im from iphone 7 so imma take that as a yes i shud upgrade

  17. I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus between the cheaper iPhone and two premium iPhones I don’t really know what phone to get . I wish apple would be courteous and put an OLED display on the XR with the same price point but knowing apple wont do that . So I’m kinda of at a stand still with what phone to get .

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  20. I think with iPhones upgrading every 2.5 to 3 years is fairly appropriate. I upgraded from the 6s Plus which honestly was working perfectly. I had it for 3 years. I just wanted a new form factor. Love the XR and thought I would miss 3D touch more than I do. The only thing I miss about 3D touch is hyperlink previews.

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    T mobile already supports gigabytes LTE

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  26. I don't usually comment on videos but here I had to. Very well made video. Videos that clear ever so increasing doubts of consumers as to which phone to buy are always preferred over regular videos. Also loved the magic tricks like sections, very different. Good job done.

  27. Tshepiso Makhamisa

    great video. upgraded to an Xr in product red – from a 5s and 6(one I bought, the other was a gift, go figure). Definitely getting used to the larger size. the haptic touch is great as I've had no experience with 3D Touch, and I can't miss something I've never experienced. The phone is beautiful without a cover, and easier to use, but who would take that chance? Portrait mode is great, especially with the front facing camera option, however I have a friend with an 8 plus and I do wish the portrait mode worked with non human objects as with the 8 plus. all in all, great experience and you video definitely helped with the choice of phone.

  28. Well you can move the cursor in the xr if you long press the space bar.

  29. Lol Thanks for saving me the money. I have 8 plus and I thought about upgrading for the better camera, but I will wait for next year.

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    Great, sensible reviews man. Appreciate the video.

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    Good review, I bought 2 days ago my Xr and it is amazing.

  37. Isn't the camera on the Xr better than on 8plus?? Minus the telephoto of course, but to me that's not a huge loss anyway.

  38. Im still rockin the iphone SE but im getting the XR 🙂 I just need a new phone and the Xs and Xs max are too pricey; IF apple had allowed us the ability to BUY the iphone X I think I wouldve gotten it…I just dont want to deal with 3rd party sellers or provider contracts to get the X

  39. I had the 7 plus before I upgraded to the XR and I literally never used 3D Touch. Everything wich 3D Touch can do is replaceable with a long press.

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