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Selling My iPhone XS Max To a Machine at Walmart

I noticed the EcoATM telephone gadget at Walmart and idea how a lot would I am getting for promoting my new iPhone XS Max? My outdated video popped up in my YouTube ‘Recommended’ feed previous this week, and with the Apple iPhone XS beginning at $999…how a lot will Walmart purchase my iPhone XS Max for?

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Selling My iPhone X To a Machine at Walmart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItYOdWRo0JY&t=0s&index=2&list=PLPCx-1KKqYKwj6FRyFDRyc81OtRocA9ts

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  1. can i plsssssssssss have the iphone i have subed and like with notifications

  2. I don't think the problem is with recognizing the phone but rather this is probably due to the latest update Apple pushed to stop lightening based hacker tools from unlocking iPhones.

  3. you took 17 minutes to put an iPhone in a machine facepalm

  4. I love your channel and I never thought I'd ever get an iPhone xs

  5. So I hope I get it

  6. Woahhhh a big surprise u got there

  7. Hope I win

  8. I’m not allowed instergram is there anything else I can do to enter the giveaway because I love this channel and I’m subscribed I just really want to have a chance at th giveaway

  9. May I please have a iPhone XS max I have been gathering up money but still don't have enough so may a please have one THANK YOU

  10. I have done everything you said also I have messaged you on instagram

  11. My name is Freddie Palmer

  12. Robbie Littlefield

    I really hope I get this cause my phone over heats a melts my case. Sadly I’m having surgery on 29th of October at least I can watch the video instead of going to school

  13. D subbed and like to join the competition you vids are great and u inspire me

  14. im enetered

  15. Uhhhhh you tried to sell a phone that isn't out till technically tomorrow bud. Pixel 3 Xl just comes out on the 18th.

  16. Those machines should be illegal

  17. $170

  18. random person scrolling the comments

    You can sell it to me for $10

  19. The Daily Productions show

    There is NO GOLD IPHONE 10 at apple I was there yesterday to replace my iPad 4 it’s called Rose gold LOL

  20. I have entered the giveaway

  21. Remember u said u don’t need the money? You should use it to get a better haircut lmfao

  22. I already enter myself in the giveaway but please can i win love your channel thank you

  23. Creepy Chat Stories

    Turn on captions and throughout the video you will see "my name is jeff"

  24. Creepy Chat Stories

    I want a iphone 10S MAX

  25. Finger crossed I win the phone I’ve just drop mine down the stairs so need a new one

  26. Please can I get a iPhone x

  27. What happened to the iPhone 11

  28. I subscribed and followed and shared this video both accounts

  29. Nah fam u should of gave it u made me cry

  30. I did it all

  31. I really like the iPhone Xs Max

  32. Iloveyou

  33. 1:36 Just imagine somebody swiped all the phones

  34. He has a very punchable face.

  35. Hey Keaton I have followed all of the instructions if you are reading this thanks for taking the time to read this I have even followed you and strange on Instagram

    From ArchiePlays (a small YouTuber)

  36. Love your videos

  37. I subscribed liked shared and followed both Instagram accounts

  38. DaCreeperSlayer Silentbutdeadly

    Part were here for is at 12:25

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