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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Unboxing & First Look | Best Android Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Unboxing & First Look | Best Android Tablet

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  1. super video

  2. It's been a long time…very nice… premium review….

  3. Best features are S-PEN, big AMOLED Display and DEX Functionality!

  4. Vedant Goenka,THE UNBOXER,GAMER.

    You can download official fortnite from play store

  5. I like kook of the phone and the features of s pen

  6. Chandra Kanta Patel

    superb design and display..

  7. I really liked the #Build. It truely looks #Beautiful, specially the back. #TeamGD

  8. Nice tab by samsung

  9. My favorite Feature is SD 835


    Please do full review of Tab S4 as soon as possible. Thank you

  11. Best Android tab in world…
    Best features is battery

  12. Samsung Tab S4
    Look Amazing
    Type C
    Super Emoled Display

  13. Outstanding Unboxing & First look … Very slim tablet just amazing opted with a big battery which is awesome #TeamGD

  14. My favourite feature is desk mode ! An awesome powerful tab ! #TeamGD !

  15. Poonish Manchanda

    Another Amazing Video by Akshay sir

  16. with that beautiful display, awesome software features and powerful processor this definitely is the best Android Tablet there is, Samsung has done an awesome job with this one, great video bro, loved it!! #TeamGD

  17. Amoled Display is my favourite feature of Samsung galaxy tab s4 ✌️. Twitter – thisIZsachin

  18. Lovely video Akshay paji

  19. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is an Perfect All Rounder Flagship Tablet which every user want to use. #TeamGD

  20. 10.50 inch display, 7300 mAh battery and SD835 aur bhi bohot Kuch…the best ever android tablet

  21. I like its proccesor because of gaming

  22. Beautiful tab along with amazing super amoled screen. #TeamGD

  23. Amazing tablet

  24. All Features Are Top Notch, I Love Display, Chipset And Amazing Battery Power #TeamGD

  25. do a gaming review pls

  26. An immersive tablet with good battery capacity I love tabs very much and I brought my first tab in 2014 but this one is far better than I had earlier i just want to say it's superb video #TeamGD

  27. Akshay sir kaise ho ?✌️✌️

  28. super amoled screen is the best feature of this tab.

  29. Really good bro

  30. Superb display with powerful processor ..Great video #TeamGD

  31. Likeable Pineapple

    Tech support

  32. very good

  33. Wish it had an 12.9 inch version

  34. I think samsung always produce the Best Tab in the market
    The display looking so good
    And the s pen is one of the coolest thing .

  35. I have this tablet the 4G version. I use it as my all in one device. Phone calls sms whatsapp etc. DEX is awesome i only use the Dex interface. It makes the tab a real multitask monster

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