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Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Intellgent Scan

The Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus have a new security lock feature called Intelligent Scan. Take a look

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  1. D cichlid lover

    How would it work if you wear glasses?

  2. Temple belong financial determine hunt pretend rush technical philosophy while.

  3. Iris is the most secure anyway so this is just an improvement imo but it is fantastic they included this option

  4. What about using intelligent scan during night like in bed etc etc? Outside environments etc

  5. I love my S8 plus but their sensors are slow in comparison to one plus and Huawei. In the case of the one plus 5T it's so quick that when it unlocks you don't even see the lock screen when you look at the device. Those who have never tried a sensor from one plus or Huawei, don't be fooled. The Samsung sensor is super slow in comparison. That being said I still prefer Samsung overall in all other areas and I've had and used every Samsung galaxy s flagship since the s6 edge as my daily driver.

  6. What will Samsung think of next. But seriously, having the retina scan and fixed never scan is the fastest way to unlock and most secure. You’re literally lifting the phone up to your face and you already got multiple security features at work. Double protection.

  7. blaqwestern now


  8. Capped at 5 minutes in 4K/60 fps recording, 10 minutes in 4K/30 fps!!

  9. @Booredatwork.com Can it be fooled by a picture of you at different angles?

  10. I was hoping this uses both simultaneously and not 9me 9r the other super disappointed

  11. what about when its dark…does the iris scanner or the intelligent scan work at dark rooms?

  12. Well done man! Nice job and good video!

  13. Is the facial recognition 3D?

  14. Is it possible to use face, iris nd fingerprints all at the same time as a way to unlock your S9 at any given moment should the need arise

  15. Can you share the wallpaper or point to the link please?

  16. But I can have de inteligent recognition and the iris scanner at the same time? I know that de I.scanner does have the iris but can I combine their two?

  17. U dont have to turn on phone every time to use fingerprint just put ur finger on and it vl unlock

  18. Can't any of these phones 3d scan / paint objects like an apple or rock? I would think there is an application that takes multiple pics @ 1 time while you rotate object or camera other than photogeometry …Anyone?

  19. Folorunso Daniel

    How can I get that batman wallpaper

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