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Samsung Frame TV Review

If you’ve heard about Samsung’s new Frame TV you could be questioning if it lives as much as the hype. The TV is a 4K solution set however it’s were given some other superb function that permits it to mix in together with your decor seamlessly: Art Mode. More: www.TechGadgetsCanada.com

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The TV is extremely skinny at on the subject of 2″thick and is derived with a black art-style body round it. Different removable magnetic picket body choices also are to be had.

The Frame makes use of what Samsung has dubbed the No Gap Wall Mount. The two piece mount comes with the TV, which is a big deal, for those who question me. The again of the TV hides a recessed hollow space the place one part of the mount is screwed securely in.

The 2d piece of the mounting affixes to the wall, and will get screwed into the studs.

Another superb side of the Frame TV is the Samsung One Connect field and Invisible Connection which means that you can see just about not anything relating to cords and cables.
All that’s there are a small energy twine and the Invisible Connection fibre optic cable.
That cable runs from the TV to the One Connect field which can also be hidden out of the way in which. that is the place you can attach your elements like recreation consoles, DVD/Bluray avid gamers, sound bar, streaming instrument and extra.
Art Mode is what units this TV aside from different televisions. When the TV isn’t exhibiting video, it is going into Art Mode.

Here you’ll be able to make a choice top of the range, prime solution artwork prints or pictures that lives in your TV at all times.

The unfastened artwork to be had at the TV is top of the range and lovely, and I discovered a number of items that labored completely for my decor. It’s additionally conceivable to subscribe to much more artwork from Samsung. For about eight greenbacks month you’ll be able to get loads extra items so you’ll be able to stay converting your glance.

A gentle sensor adjusts the display screen’s output continuously in order that the artwork is all the time visual in its perfect mild. Got daylight streaming in and filling the room? The artwork seems lifelike and vibrant.

You too can permit the movement sensor. This will energy Art Mode absolutely off leaving a clean display screen, but if the TV detects movement within the room, your artwork will pop again up.

With the superb artwork homes, it is simple to omit this magic artwork portal could also be a TV. An Ultra High Resolution 4K TV with in-built HDR besides.

I had the TV for a pair weeks and watched a lot of techniques and flicks on it:

4K is a fantastic viewing revel in. It’s unimaginable to appropriately describe what seeing hyper-realistic video is like, but when I should take a look at, observing 4K video at the Frame makes me wish to succeed in out and puppy the sloths, snag a line force, and in a different way rise up and stroll into the image. It’s a wonderful celebration on your eyes, and the beverages are on Samsung.

Streaming is in-built to this TV, so you’ll be able to get right of entry to YouTube, Netflix or even surf the internet from the TV itself.
The TV comes with a small white far flung, or you’ll be able to use your smartphone whether or not it’s Apple or Android.

Does the fundamental black bezel now not do it on your decor? You should buy other colour would glance frames for roughly $200 USD every from Samsung.

The frames are available 4 items which can be completely sized to wrap round your TV. They snap off and on in seconds with magnets. The idea is if truth be told beautiful genius

Normally after I wrap up a evaluation I attempt to supply some stability about what is nice concerning the product, what wishes development, and what is simply downright horrible. I’m in point of fact suffering to search out anything else unfavorable to mention concerning the Frame TV.

The artwork mode is fantastic and I’d put it in my lounge for this option on my own. The incontrovertible fact that it is also a deliciously detailed 4K TV is solely the icing on and already superb cake.

It is going with out announcing that the 4K image is shocking and lifelike. With the HDR give a boost to for extra correct colour illustration and that her mild replication, there is simply not anything unhealthy to mention concerning the image.

I feel the TV could be very responsive and switches temporarily between modes.
Even the fundamental speaker within the TV is beautiful excellent. If I have been going to have this TV completely put in in my lounge, I’d indisputably take the additional step of having a right kind sound bar for it, however for at the moment, I used to be if truth be told just a little bit inspired at how excellent it sounded.

Even the Samsung sensible view app appears to be a lot progressed since my final evaluation with a Samsung TV. It connects temporarily and simply each and every time so I’m able to keep watch over the instrument with my sensible telephone there is not any lag and it is great having the additional possibility of a sensible telephone far flung.

I feel this TV is a genius idea. For the Home theater junkie you get superb image, and for the fashion designer/decorator in the house, artwork mode simply makes this TV mix in fantastically. I in point of fact cannot discover a drawback to the Samsung body TV. I feel I have just about made up our minds, and so has my husband, that that is going to be our subsequent tv. And sure, it is going proper up on the lounge wall.

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  1. lol I like how geek squad didnt even center it above your stand

  2. Not worth the money seen one and its essentially a MU6670 with art mode on, niche design and idea but not worth it when you can pick up a OLED at same price or cheaper OLED depending on brand. I had spent £2500 on a Samsung TV had 2 panels replaced in a year and half because of light bleed screaming down the sides to then be told it was within spec from Samsung, really?? I then traded it back in but Samsung were terrible in terms of customer service, they love to take your money though and so many are being duped in by rave reviews when money talks for these kind of reviews. Also another note if the light plate guide drops in their TVs which controls their brightness (NITS) especially when transporting around or thrown around in a warehouse, it'll drop in brightness level meaning you're not getting the true number you're meant to. There is a video explaining this and how it was measured, very well put together.

  3. Wow. How much, in australia?

  4. WOW, I can't believe people are going to buy this. Its a complete scam…. I rolled my eyes for the $8/month rip off.

  5. voice feature sucks

  6. So how big is it, Erin?

  7. Samsung’s effort to skip OLED TV for one more year… No thank you Samsung… but no

  8. Bought this TV last week love it. But still trying to work out how to use the remote.

  9. Drinking Game : Each time she says "4K Ultra High Definition TV" take a shot of Tequila.

  10. Willi Kampmann

    I can come up with a negative: It’s not OLED, not even quantum dot LCD (what Samsung calls “QLED”) – just standard edge-lit LCD. Yet it costs as much as some OLED TVs from the competition! I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it was an OLED TV, but this really kills it for me. 🙁 Love the art mode, though!

  11. Petrillo123 zbornak

    Most official reviews show the TV on the wall with absolutely no hint of cable – how is this actually possible? I mean, where does the power come from, do you need to have wiring installed behind. I can't see how a TV with cables up the wall can convince anyone as a picture?

  12. Am I the only one that doesn't see the appeal of this like at all? For me I want my tv to be well a tv. Lol to each their own I say tho.

  13. Gorilla Monsoon

    I'm seriously considering buying Frame, but what soundbar would be best to go with it?

  14. Marsekel Lombatti

    I don't like that cord

  15. Nice review. Thanks for the info. Question: If all I plan to use this for is displaying art and watching streaming video (Netflix, YouTube), can I hide the One Connect box in the wall directly behind the TV, without line of sight to the remote? I don't have a piece of furniture like you have beneath where I can put the One Connect, so I'm wondering if I can just tuck it away behind the TV (which would be flush to the wall). I'm trying to hide all wires and cables is why. Thanks for any info and keep up the good work!

  16. Dose the sound come out the t.v.

  17. Look around for actual tests on this set. The TV is ok at best as far as quality of picture. As for using it as a piece of art, most art does not glow. Also checkout samsung's quality issues as far as TVs go. All 4K TVs are not equal.

  18. Well that's dumb. I'd buy an oled over this any day

  19. If the teve is on all the time doesnt that make the teves life lenght shorter???

  20. This idea seems like something the crazy minds at Sony would draw up.

  21. Beautiful

  22. FOR THE PRICE POINT OF THE TV JUST BUY THE 2018 Q8 I use to have a frame and it's garbage

  23. So in order to display the artwork, does this mean the tv is always 'on'? And what about any heat buildup being so close to the wall???

  24. Rip electricity

  25. where can you download more colors (eg black that's not included in their palettes) and more images and animations to customize your qled tv?

  26. Not a single review mentions a thing about speakers. WTF! It's NOT a monitor, it's a TV so you must at least mention speakers.

  27. how small are the two cables? I have a small tube running in my wall and would like to run it through the tube.

  28. Waste of electricity, just buy an actual painting lol

  29. Couple of issues: you can't listen to music whilst in art mode which is a real shame. Also the Samsung soundbars and external speakers briefly cut out a fair bit, say every 5 mins you lose a word or two. Not the best bit of kit considering the money I paid for it.

  30. Its so bad tv and bad picture

  31. Is there a chance of burn in for leaving on one art too long? Sorry not very up to date with current TV technologies…

  32. yesterday i saw this amazing beautiful big ass painting framed in tv shop. i went very close to the it and suddenly the painting literally fade out and fade in with new painting was like "WTF!! i was about to shout i dint do anything!!!" and when i took two steps back on the floor there was one small slate it was written 'samsung frame 2,44000-INR' on it. and once again i was about to go "HOLY FAAAK! thats expensive shit right here!!"

  33. D website did not state U could detach D bought resin composite with realistic qualities. which i like, tell me, where to go & view D other websites. so i can further investigate their images & further help my indulgence with my personality.
    yes i understand i can use a thumb thrive to proceed with images not found n those websites allowed to proceed but again, new technology is movement & audio. to a point…

  34. Overall the tv is good but if you want to display your own images in the Art mode (which this tv is all about) as a simple slideshow then you can't!!! This is a massive downside of the tv. The tv can pay slideshow in normal mode but this is not any different than any good tv cannot do. The whale point of having the Art mode is that I can switch between TV mode and Art mode instantly. Unfortunately, this cannot be done if I want my art to change frequently like in a slideshow. It is a hassle to pay slideshow of my photographs as each time I switch to tv mode I have to re-do slideshow setup which is kind of pointless to have an expensive tv if it is not any better at this then any tv. This is very backwards. So if you are a photographer and have a lot of images to display conveniently in a short amount of time then this tv is not for you. The art mode has cool futures if you want to display one image at the time only!!!! If you want to display another image in the Art mode then each time you need to manually change it. As of the writing of the review, I do not know of any product which can do this in a convenient and in a beautiful way. I heard that LG is going to start a similar tv line. Hopefully, LG will get it right and photographers like me will be able to display multiple images on a large picture frame tv without the need of resetting the slideshow collection over and over again.

  35. does this tv comes in 75 in size

  36. The picture and HDR are lackluster when playing 4K Blu-rays on this "TV". It's okay for gaming but without Dolby Vision support why pay this much for art work?

  37. Great review!

  38. i like your video

  39. Is this the 65 or 55 inch set? Thanks.

  40. Great video Erin. We install lots of the Frame and one comment you made about "adding a soundbar"…please please never add a soundbar to a Frame TV. Then it will look like a TV. We recommend using in-ceiling or hidden speakers to complement the stealth decor. Check out some of our amazing installs on our website and instagram @c9av and http://www.c9av.com … cheers.

  41. Do that's it? No cons? Good review shall contain one at least

  42. can this be used as a PC monitor? Does text look crisp in this. Chroma 4:4:4 compatible ?

  43. It's interesting but what about the power bill? If it's on all the time wouldn't that be a bit expensive?

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