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Roger Phantom Pirate Crazy Farming Speed – Top 1 Global Roger by メ7 ` Ꮶaizer 壞 – Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (or just Mobile Legends) is a multiplayer on-line struggle area cellular sport evolved and printed by Moonton. The sport used to be launched international for Android on July 14, 2016 and later for iOS on November nine, 2016
Track: TULE – Lost [NCS Release] Music supplied by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Track: TULE – Fearless [NCS Release] Music supplied by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. Axe Mobile Legends

    What Heros want you to see for the next video? Comment below 🙂


    roger gak akan menang jika tidak diberi buff, apalagi ketemu fanny dan mm yg sok pro ngambil buff

  3. 07:36 Did You Guys See The Cooldown?

  4. Next hero bane ok

  5. Raise your hand if you feel deadly blade is better than demon hunter sword

  6. Gideon Ngamgoumang


  7. No offense guy's roger is the best hero in mobile legends

  8. give me 1skin please

  9. my name is bullac

  10. LOL solo land jelas leveling cpt!

  11. Sultan Andiy Abdil Ghofur

    I detect the sense of prey :v

  12. Everything Electronics

    How many diamond we have to spend to buy the skin
    From event discount

  13. This is weird why Roger have 2 epic skin?

  14. Really it's Top 1 player

  15. bangke bar bar bener nih

  16. Roger is so underated, he’s actually REALLY op if you can use him. As op as 1vs5. Had a 17-7-9 roger enemy today who was dominating us early-late game. Ofc we won in the end, but that game changed my opinion about Roger.

  17. Ini baru enaq

  18. Omg roger has 2 epic skins 😮

  19. Kaiser Vs Hulkmon


    Comments: Hulkmon

  20. 7:34 oh wooww……

  21. Can anyone explain to me please how does he use the 1st skill in lycan form in minute 7:30 eventhough he has 5seconds left on his CD..and it turns back to 10seconds CD..

  22. Kayaknya item yg pertama buat estes aja. Klo gk ada estes gk pake itu kali ya

  23. How are you so sure about his Emblem? Did you ask him personally?

  24. dmn he avoid cc easily.. dying of this gameplay


    HE ACHEIVED LV 15 AT 9.51 ON10:00

  26. ko iklan gw aov sih:v


    WTF its 10 min because he is lvl 15 at 9:51….son of a bitch

  28. https://youtu.be/pYyr9pml6uA

    Roger menggila … Kill lebih dari 10

  29. Ngecheat cd itu

  30. ᴍʀ ᴊᴏᴋᴇʀ

    roger users here

  31. Everything U NEED TO SEE

    Bro plz take my Savage video from my channel and put it in your next video

  32. Sekin paling keren ketimbang legend

  33. Nama ig apa

  34. Rojer tanpa lifestile itu sebabnya main lari" terus tp kalo pake lifestile pasti savage hahahaa……ini mah musuhnya yg terlalu GG…

  35. Lucu builnya

  36. Wow ganas bnr roger nya

  37. Bukanya top global Roger ikoiko

  38. I love you top 1 roger.

  39. Kylle the iron sword

    Now I see the true power of roger

  40. Anyone notice that the skill is in cooldown, but the roger can still use the charging skill in wolf form?
    8sec left in cooldown but he can use the skill. Is it a hack?

  41. perhatikan skill 1 roger di menit 7.34 kalo gak ada apa apa hp gua yg lag kalo ada berarti hp gua gak lag

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