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Rare Video : Run-in of new technology in the US Army (NANO TECHNOLOGIES)

MIlitary Update News : Rare Video : Run-in of new technology in the US Army (NANO TECHNOLOGIES)

Technology is shaping how wars are fought, borders are safe, crooks are stuck, and particular person rights are outlined. DefenseTech remains on best of those adjustments, rounding up the day’s information, linking to assets of data, and offering research on what’s forward.

(Video/Thumbnail Picture simply For Ilustration)

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  1. Soon to be used on US citizens…..lol, idiots.

  2. Poor people are waiting for one glass of milk..hungry childrens crying without  food..you intellectual civilized people make bombs for destroying humanity…you killed innocent people in iraq..afterall you said I'm sorry thats over..are you really human?

  3. Zuviel Film zwischen der Werbung

  4. This is starting to worry me

  5. Weapons are not always for destruction they are our helpers too if used in good hands

  6. if this stuff is real and we can use it on the enemies of the united states and our allies…..why do so many of our military personnel die in war?

  7. No weapon here was, to the best of my knowledge, to combat any Countries's weapons' systems.

  8. Wow…amazing.

  9. Aduh cuma mau tangkap drone aja harus pakai alat canggih, idiot

  10. build me a house for shelter …i dont need those weapons

  11. stop giving away your secrets

  12. Now after this video you'll soon be purchasing it from pocket friendly "Made In China" China Town retail shops for college projects.

  13. Every New invention is for killing people. Congratulation!!

  14. Yes more fucking snakes that's what we need

  15. Fuck militer

  16. They use Samsung Tab

  17. Get outta here with that. You can buy mini pocket sized drones run via phone for 300 online. It's not military. They use it. It's accessible and more better looking than those pieces of crap. Check out a dobby


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