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PUBG Mobile | Mobile Review

The Black Hokage stocks his perspectives at the cellular port of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

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  1. PUBG Mobile was my first time playing the game but I can already tell it’s way easier than the Actual PC or Xbox version

  2. ur highkey playin wit bots

  3. About time Nigga!

  4. Danielle Nance

    i'm sick about that headphone jack 🙁

  5. Could you do a review on Skullgirls?

  6. You can see the indicator for shots fired or near by people on the mini map

  7. Marcel Cunningham

    How is he running iOS on his Pc?

  8. Aye bro I love yo reviews wit that win its in the top 10

  9. Does anyone know what screen recorder he’s using?

  10. I Only Really Stream

    It works a lot better on the X

  11. tbh you mah nigga so i gotta tell you. you really let yourself go

  12. jordan carroll

    Can you review survivor Royale? It's basically pubg mobile but better imo

  13. Tbh you do realize this game has a lot of bots in it lol to make players feel better than they actually are and they make the bots shoot you the higher you lvl up but I heard around lvl 10 they start putting in more players

  14. alexander atkins

    can you do south park game

  15. I scope in everytime I shoot, only because I grew up on mobile shooters as a teen so I'm used to the setup.

  16. Darryl Franklin

    If you have a better phone the game is more smooth

  17. Plants Vs Zombies hero’s

  18. shadow gun legends , honkai 3rd impact

  19. modern war negro "once said stop buying them shitty iPhones " Using one in this video lol

  20. Iphone? 6?

  21. I love and hate the game.
    I love cause it fun to play if you have friends to play with it could be amazing and you will find yourself playing for hours.
    I hate cause when you rich high level most of the people play on pc,that so retarded cause for them it so easy to kill and dodge bullets and stuff.

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