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Palm Phone hands-on: an Android phone for your phone

The Palm phone is principally a tiny phone…to move with your on a regular basis phone. A San Francisco startup has purchased the Palm title, however can they maintain the ethos? This new Android phone they are freeing solely to Verizon is supposed to be your secondary instrument, a tiny little factor for the weekends. Our query – does your phone want a phone?

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  1. Would you want a tiny second phone that shares your phone number?

  2. Yeah better off buying a wearable

  3. I'd want a palm phone to accompany my tablet/laptop, not my phone.

  4. Brandon Hollingsworth

    When this tiny phone is more powerful than your own phone.

  5. Nope

  6. The most pointless gadget I've ever seen.

  7. There is no reason to get a separate small phone

  8. Son of a BITCH ! !

    Life mode = flight mode

  9. game freak wannabe

    i think if i wanted a different phone for this i'd go for maybe a used oneplus x or lg g6. both are cheaper. oneplus x is not as big as a standard 2018 flagship, not too small either. lg g6 looks modern and has good water resistance, and a good camera. you could download some apps to make these phones more distraction free. doing that and having your phone in your backpack while going out of the house should be enough, and you don't have to use verizon, do a connected device plan, or pay as much for any of it.
    the phone design is cute though

  10. Can we place a call…???

  11. A bigger version of Apple Watch.

  12. this looks awful

  13. It's so cute

  14. Bump the screen up to 4' and sell it for $200-$250, I would have been sold. But 350 for what is essentially a accessory device to use with my already expensive phone…… yeah no thanks. Sorry Palm, but you missed a very unique chance to become the leader of small yet efficient budget phones.

  15. It only works with android but they had to copy the iPhone design. LOL

  16. Luis Alonso Arreola Zavalza

    I still have my iPod touch

  17. Use the $10 a month to get insurance on your $1000 phone and enjoy your expensive phone

  18. Why?! The idea is silly imo…

  19. looks like a beginners smart phone

  20. Gonna Get this for my gf so she'll stop nosing thru my phone while I'm asleep.

  21. Great phone, but too pricey.

  22. Cool concept, terrible execution.

  23. It’s called an Apple Watch and I’m good with that thanks Palm….

  24. Too bad you can't put a SIM card in it and use it by itself.

  25. When it is going to available in India???

  26. This guy only review Google and apple products. The rest of junks gave to coworkers

  27. If you still want a smartphone that is small and efficient, Go for an iPhone SE, Its a shame Apple decided to drop it.
    There are tons of people out there who hate carrying huge phones.

  28. I'm definitely buying for traveling, I wouldn't want to get mi Pixel 2 XL stolen, I'll rather let the palm.

  29. love the size

  30. Such a small phone

  31. This should have been a phone on its own for $100

  32. I was expecting a non-smart phone which could provide longer battery life than your regular phone. I don't have this but I'm already sick of it.

  33. Useless

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