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ORK TECHNOLOGY – Warhammer 40k

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  1. Ork tech is always hilarious… On a related note are you going to follow up with Commissar Yarrick?

  2. ORK SMASH!!!

  3. The thing about colours is hilarious, as if you're purple they think you are invisible and they cant see you.

  4. Ablaikhan Bennett

    The unique trait of Orks is they generate a group psychic field. If they have a hard time trying to kill you and you keep on surviving, they will eventually believe you are unkillable and immortal. This has the side effect of you having an extended lifespan thanks to Orks group psychic collective.

  5. Yes! Another warhammer video.

  6. The power of belief and massive size

  7. To ne honest man. First video I've watched for at least a few videos. The movie and other media updates I kinda don't care about.

  8. Ricardo Guanipa

    "Make dem more killy"

  9. Ricardo Guanipa

    Happy bday Mr. H

  10. Happy Birthday H

  11. Ashley Mallett

    Stupid humies da ant nuffin but squishy inerds


  13. Red makes it go faster

  14. So they can basically materialize matter out of nowhere. That's not OP at all.

  15. Next to the Tau, the Orks are the only other race in 40K I actually like. They're just having fun.

  16. Favorite ork story is when the orks stole a leman russ. The guard killed it many many times it just kept coming back. Finally the guard captured it and in the engine housing was only a picture of an engine and the words "vroom vroom"

  17. fascinating, psychosomatic warfare

  18. Oceansideca1987

    Good stuff !

  19. That we don't mine is your birthday dude is that at you should take a look at the tyranid Weaponry they're kinda interesting biomechanical guns and Viola chemical swords the tyranids have some interesting design

  20. Hope you had a great birthday Mr H!!!

  21. j throckmorton

    happy birthday

  22. Orcs is best buildas!!

  23. So basically if the orks say rub two sticks to make a bomb it’ll happen?

  24. Red wontz ter go fasta.

  25. No worries and Happy Birthday for then dude


  27. You should do Spawn lore. The background of Spawn is really cool and right up your alley

  28. Nobz ready for bashin!

  29. Interesting how the green skin matters believe that's going to work 40K universe is the tyranid bile technology bio weapons am like there's one with a bone sword wonder weapon shoot a little worm like maggots curious how we manage to do that hold DNA they took from every species

  30. Ork boys putting the power of Positive thinking to good use.

  31. Reeper Monster

    Red yellow make Big Bang bang (an
    ork saying the color of his weapons



  34. Drill Knight76

    The entire Ork technology summned up in a sentence: If it looks stupid but it works, it aint stupid

  35. “Make dem more killy”

  36. distant WAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH intensifies

  37. But does it shoot enough dakka?

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