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OnePlus 6T: Unboxing & Review

Unboxing & Comparison of the One Plus 6T vs 6.

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  1. All the facts and none of the drama, all in a precise and informative review. THE reviewer to go to!

  2. BeforeYouReadMyUsernameI'll StealYourBagel

    7:50 anyone noticed that he has switched touchdrive on but he is still rotating the phone

  3. Another great and spot-on review Mike!!!!
    Kindly also do a review on the new macbook air & mac mini if you already the bandwidth.
    Thank you.

  4. Seeing that XL, created by one of the most powerful companies in the world… Google really must hate beauty. Oh and that "not pink" color — they really think it's funny.

  5. Why no review for xiaomi mi mix 3

  6. I'm loving my OnePlus smartphone. Get $20 towards accessories when you buy a smartphone through https://www.oneplus.com/invite#6IWMVB5J509NO3

  7. This is the first Android I like in years!

  8. If it ain't got a headphone jack I don't want it!

  9. How is the vibration motor?

  10. OnePlusT is good but not better then pocophone F1

  11. Thanks for not spending 75% of the review talking about the camera like the verge or marques

  12. Not AOD
    It's ambient display

    Not AOD

  13. Bought the phone when T-mobile offered it on the first day. Now that I've been using it for a couple days, I really like this phone. My only nitpick is that the flashlight is kind of weak but honestly who cares. Zero lag no matter what.

  14. One of the overhyped phone & over priced poco f1 much better & cheaper with bigger battery & expandable memory

  15. nice smartphone….

  16. Wireless charging isn’t really necessary on this phone. I’m sure it’ll be slower than charging it already does with the fast charging brick.

  17. No one does unboxings and reviews like Detroit Borg ‼️
    Best in the tech land ‼️

  18. 1:54 Actually, it's both OnePlus and Oppo, as their DASH and VOOC systems are cross-compatible with each other, just that they use different accent colours based on their logos.
    7:37 Ugh it's the Google Pixel notch edition!

  19. I am getting it.

  20. How does it look at minimum brightness ? I had bought a op 6 ,in minimum brightness , the screen has yellow tint .

  21. hey guys i need a little help
    i've been using an iphone 5s for like 4 years now nearing 5
    but it think its time to get a new phone and i'm having trouble on picking which one i should buy
    i'm contemplating between oneplus 6T or the pixel 3 or maybe an iphone X/8
    i need a 2nd or 3rd(?) opinion and i'm hoping u guys could help me

  22. Does the OnePlus 6T have android auto?

  23. Great channel! I subscribed to it.

  24. Amazing review very detailed. Is the usb c earphones sound the same as earphones with headphone jack?

  25. This will be my next phone if Apple continue with current prices

  26. Vitor Magalhães Vitography

    Buy a Oneplus 6t phone use this link and get 20€ (or the equivalent in your currency) in free accessories.

    Valid for all countries where OnePlus.Com sale the phone.

    Use this link and share with your friends.


  27. Who just tell me the one plus 6t is downgrade op 6. U guy are wrong. Sound quality is improve with no distortion or vibrate that irittate u. New 6t have specially effect live wallpaper. Improve on screen finger print display with 9.0.5. camera is also improvement over the 6. I already try. This is a must buy phone. Also don't get the wireless op. Go with bullet USB c headphone have more bass and less expensive. I try at a shop before I purchase this phone.

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