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OnePlus 6T Review: Should You Buy?

The OnePlus 6T is right here and I feel for the first actual time, there is a slight bit of misunderstanding on whether or not to shop for the OnePlus 6T or no longer. Well, we solution that nowadays. This is our OnePlus 6T evaluation, the place we evaluation its in-display fingerprint scanner, its cameras, the larger battery and extra.

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  1. Best Review so far…

    Keep going


  2. Thank you so much for such a lovely review


  3. 3:14 even YouTubers use modded YouTube app! Wow

  4. But how is the call quality? And speakerphone volume.

  5. What you think will one plus 7 get back 3.5 mm jack and notification light ?

  6. You sound so much negative about Oneplus 6T. I think Oneplus 6T is best of all.

  7. Dhrubajyoti Mondal

    Which wallpaper app you guys used in the video?

  8. Where is this guy seeing while talking

  9. It's display visibility at outdoor condition is good or not!,
    And the next qstn was its face unlock better then vivo v11 pro????

  10. Divyansh Swarnkar

    Khatra ko re yo?

  11. 2:43 haha bad failure…felt bad really

  12. Too late I've already bought it 3 days ago

  13. Do one plus 6 comeback in the market? or they stopped production?

  14. Is it worthy to buyLenovo P2 for ₹9,500
    The Battery and The Charging Speed is Insane and The Performance is decent.
    Plz Someone say..

  15. Can you share link to download the wallpapers shown in this video? Not the OP6T stock ones.

  16. You can DO THE MATHS

  17. You can DO THE MATHS

  18. Oneplus 6t 37999 or 41999 which choose for value for money

  19. Unsub from t series

  20. Absence of the headphone jack is a deal breaker for me .
    I will pass.

  21. What About Asus Zenfone 5z

  22. plz make video under 30000 best phone 2018

  23. It's not a budget phone anymore so if you have the money yeah probably

  24. please make a review on this TV. iFFALCON Certified Android 189.3cm (75 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV with Harman Kardon Speakers (75H2A)

  25. Use this link to buy your One Plus 6T and receive a $20 (or €20) voucher for accessoires.

  26. Please make something on Mate 20 Pro

  27. Hi Beebom, Have A Great Day =D

  28. The new macbook air review?

  29. 6T is or mate 20 please tell

  30. You people say in your video comment down below your questions…. And when we did so you people don't even reply. If you can't reply then why you people make false statement. And i don't know what's wrong with all these tech channels they all give almost same review for some specific brands.

  31. Should I buy it for aal the student use ,gaming,camera,performance ???

  32. Pixel 2xl or One plus 6T? any suggestions

  33. Test deta connection bettry test. Not wifi.

  34. So we need to Turn on the screen before we can use the FP? are we going backwards? my 3T unlocks faster…

  35. If we are buying 38k mobile. Means we can also buy wireless headphones

  36. Nice review!

  37. Mark Stephen Bombay

    Wow I actually didn't realize how much i love the always on display on my note8 until you mentioned it. You're right OnePlus might as implement an always on display for their devices

  38. slow down those animations ffs. it's like watching a strobe

  39. Any heating issues….for one plus 6T….while video calling or playing games…?

  40. Tirchi najar vala youtuber

  41. Your issue with third party wallpapers can be easily fixed if you just download the wallpaper you want from your wallpaper app and apply it through oneplus launcher and not the wallpaper app.

    Fingerprint will be fast again.

  42. The way he looks at me scares the hell out of me

  43. But i would say lg g7 thinQ is better than oneplus 6t with it's great camera quality and wide angle camera
    Ip68 rating
    Although it has lesser battery than oneplus6t.. it has some great specs which are far greater than 6t ..
    Oneplus removed headphone jack in 6t and raised the price
    But the lg g7 thinQ has 3.5mm quad dack which can play for high end head phones…which we can't see even in today's flagship
    phones out there…
    Finally with all these features it's coming at a price of 29k it's worth our money… I think

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