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OnePlus 6T – Is This My Next Smartphone?

The OnePlus 6T is right here. This is my OnePlus 6T unboxing. Should I transfer to the OnePlus 6T as my subsequent smartphone?


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  1. Should I switch to this next? Something else?

  2. Ya u should.but its ur choice. But if samsung gets the new technology like ups :under pannel sensors. Then u must switch to that smart phone.

  3. An Imposter of Justin Y.

    Why not wait for the new samsung s10 and make it your switch?

  4. give-send me that phone..

  5. switch to a nokia 3310

  6. I need one, now.

  7. The silicone case that comes with the phone is much better than the OnePlus 6 and 6T's flip case, the flip case has no bumpers and is very fragile with the flip mechanism. Carbon and the other kevlar like material bumper cases are decent too.

  8. What no headphone jack ?! How am I supposed to use my beats X with this thing !

  9. Not a fan of a glass back, but like everything else about it

  10. Really became a huge fan of yours. I watch your reviews faithfully.

    Would you review the i-star stool speaker?

  11. Did you switch to the OnePlus 6T?

  12. Did you already made review about mi mix 3? I couldn't find any in your channel.

  13. How can i buy this phone do they have a website where i can buy this ? thanks 🙂

  14. they did not remove the headphone jack, the just merge it into the charging port,

  15. As an ex-long term iphone user I'm well impressed with my 6T. Super happy with it. And don't feel ripped-off!

  16. dreamrealitysyndrome

    Damn. The headphone jack is my deal breaker. I've been wanting to jump to OnePlus. Perhaps an older model

  17. Smartphone without a headphone jack is a BIG NO … Bluetooth headset or earphone cannot be use for a long term because of battery life span which getting shorter over time, and if it's battery low you cannot enjoy using it (especially in long raod trip). So the wired headphone still wins the game.

  18. Ивайло Илиев

    One plus fucked up long time ago.
    They was a flagship killer for the people…. $300 killer phone. I made a lot of people buy it, but now… A $600 phone, wtf man…i hate that brand. For being ao much for the people…there was no commercials, people made all the talk about them, and now what….go f**k yourself we arw in the big game…suckera.

  19. Who still uses a One+ 3T?

  20. sir, I'm from Bangladesh.
    I'm very poor person. I have no enough money to buy this phone. but I want to use this.
    I know u r very broad minded man.
    if u give me a phone, I'm gratefully to you.

  21. may god bless you.

  22. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

  23. I love one plus model but I had already go to Mi8

  24. The reason the wireless charger isn't there on this phone is that it is a budget-friendly phone…of they would have put it in they would have added a 300$ charge

  25. it was actually the definition of OnePlus community, which they made.

  26. You're definitely switching to this. In everyday use, it's so much nicer than the Pixel.

  27. Sir, Please gift me a Iphone XS ..Will you?? Since you have Many Iphone

  28. My Oneplus 6 is still cool..
    I Love It..❤️

  29. I have OnePlus from start, but not "WOW" with 6T. 5T is fenomenal phone and now go to desk….

  30. Do the switch, I want to know how it compares to the S8+ cause I'm thinking of switching.

  31. Can you use airpods on this?

  32. Show us the headset too

  33. Man no head phone jack is a no no for me. It sucks cause I really like the one plus brand. Man and im in need of a new phone

  34. Looking to buy a new phone. I need fast and smooth interface. Good camera and battery. Help me out

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