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Ok Google Top Best Commands And 2 Best Android Apps || Telugu Tech Learner||

Make your Android more uncomplicated and Faster
Tocis integrated
Top absolute best Google Commands
2 Best Android Apps

Device settings keep an eye on
Turn Wi-Fi on/off
Turn Bluetooth on/off
Turn my flashlight on/off
Take a photograph/selfie
Record a video
Set a timer for [5minutes]

Time and whether or not knowledge
Do I would like an umbrella nowadays?
Is it going to rain this weekend?
When is it going to rain subsequent?
What’s the elements in [Kalamazoo]?
Will I want a jacket day after today?

Location and navigation
Where is the closest [Burger King]?
Where’s a [museum] round right here?
Where’s the nearest [bowling alley]?
What films are taking part in close by?
Navigate to [123 South Main Street]

Messenging and conversation
Check my voicemail
Read my messages
Call [Mom], cellular/house/paintings
Call [my brother] on speakerphone

Reminders and data
Remind me to [put out dog food] when [I get home] Remind me to name [the boss] when [I’m at the airport] Remind me to [eat at Canter’s] subsequent time [I’m in L.A.] Wake me up at [7 a.m.] [tomorrow] Set an appointment for a [haircut] [tomorrow at noon] When is my subsequent assembly/appointment?

Listen to [The Beatles] Listen to [“No Rain”] Listen to [party music] Play track for [working out] Listen to [Pearl Jam] on [Spotify] Next tune
Pause the track

What’s [75] occasions [812]?
What’s [16.2] p.c of [94.7]?
What’s [28 inches] in [millimeters]?
What’s [12] in [hexadecimal]?
What’s [25 U.S. dollars in [Euros]?
What’s the top for [15 dollars]?

General wisdom
Who based [Snapchat]?
Who directed the primary [“Harry Potter”]?
Who’s within the solid of [“Scrubs”]?
Where did [Zach Braff] move to university?

Silly stuff for time cross to play with google
Make me a sandwich
Who’s on first?
Who are you?
When am I?
Beam me up, Scotty
What is Matt Damon’s Bacon quantity?
What does the fox say?
Do a barrel roll
How a lot picket would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck may just chuck picket?
What’s the loneliest quantity?

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