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Nokia 8110 4G 🍌Banana Phone is BACK! – UNBOXING!! 🍌

Nokia 8810 4G 2018 Unboxing & First Look! Banana Phone is BACK!

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  1. That Telefun number and the jingle, we all remember it.

  2. My favorite phone is nokia 8810 slider with metal casing

  3. 8,1,1, zero phone! eighty one, ten!

  4. Antonio spadafora

    no scroll Wheel #NokiaFailsAgain

  5. lightThatcherry

    it doesn't have the button to open the tray wtf…

  6. It's 1999 all over again

  7. Mantap Nokia

  8. Is it only in Camel Jockey countries?

  9. It is The Matrix phone. Too bad I couldn't buy it in the USA in 1999, it wouldn't work on US cell network and wasn't sold. So, here in the USA it is not a "banana" phone, it's Matrix phone.
    Too bad it's outdated now.
    And about your difficulty texting – it's not a typewriter it's a phone.

  10. Ghilman Ghazanfar

    Are u from Pakistan?
    You dial 090078601 telefun

  11. Iulian Ghebaura

    "sliding keyboard" :)))

  12. Coolness

  13. dude your voice mega annoying

  14. Good burner!

  15. I plan to use this phone as a 4G LTE pocket wifi with call and sms function. Will the 8810 work if you remove the battery and the charger is connected?

  16. "Operator….."

  17. The box should be FedEx

  18. Nokia 8910 this is the best !!!

  19. I used to own the original and it was one of the worst, I ever had. Poor overall quality – it even fell appart once.
    To be honest, I don't see any good reason to buy this one.

  20. Doughnut Spaghetti

    Looks like a perfect phone for people that just want a phone and choose not to become of one of the hordes of smart phone zombies stumbling around everywhere.

  21. PewDiePie

  22. 3gb lol.. On this size they should put 1 TB înside

  23. What's the word to describe this phone hmmmm oh yeh I remember it now .. SHIT!!

  24. Please tell me i will be able to use Youtube on this phone please!!

  25. what mean ifone den

  26. So the manual is written in hiroglyphs?

  27. It’s a dead brand..

  28. I love nokia



  30. Lahore da munda

  31. Seems fake. Why would Nokia bring out a phone with such shit packaging.

  32. Mohamed El-Zanaty

    why are the instruction paper written in arabic ?

  33. I had the original, which was a fantastic and solid premium feeling phone. This one looks very cheap and nasty

  34. whats this the new obama phone

  35. They should have made the flip spring loaded which could be opened by a button. That’s how the matrix version was

  36. Banzan Buddhist

    the phone is not even out yet, so how the fuck did you get it so soon?

  37. I'm still waiting for it to become available in my country. How's the Google/Microsoft contacts and calendar integration? That's basically the only thing that matters to me since keeping separate contacts or calendar sucks. I also hope that WhatsApp becomes available, but that would be a bonus.

  38. Rhoy-Virgil Jumonong

    It’s read as eighty-one ten… ^_^

  39. Woah woah… Nokia eight one one zero..really… that's it I m done!

  40. Whatsapp ? Or no point buying

  41. whatsapp?

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