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Nest Hello Review: Better than a Ring doorbell!

And similar to that, Nest Hello has grow to be my favourite new video doorbell. Yes, higher than the Ring doorbell. It seems to be excellent. It works nice. And it without a doubt rounds out all of the different Nest I have were given at house. Favorite characteristic? Probably the facility to spot faces, and announce guests over Google Home.

ALSO: Be positive to take a look at my Ring Pro evaluate if you have not already. It’s a nice selection! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmG2YFoFHUU

AND: Here’s the Nest Hello set up vid. … Give it a gander. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwPS46AZy2o


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  1. Can the ‘someone’s at the door’ thing work on Alexa?

  2. Got about a year and a half out of my ring pro, it died. No lights, no nothing, just dead.

  3. Hey, thanks for your review! On the channel of Lifehackster, he addressed an issue with the nest that the motion detection only triggers like once every 30 mins and there was a far amount of lag between walking up to the door and the notification send to the phone. Have you experienced any such issues?

  4. Nice review. Thanks. One thing – At 7:27, you tee'd up a reveal for later. Later came and went…

  5. Алишер Каримов

    Hello! I invented for electronic cars invention.I want to offer you my invention,still I didn't patent .Still no one car has this invention.My number +79660722563 Best Regards. Ali.

  6. Needs to be wired which is a non-starter for me.

  7. Need to sum up at the end why Nest is BETTER than Ring. Thanks tho.

  8. To solve the missing native app icon issue why not just save a shortcut of your web browser to your desktop with the I'm guessing ip address programmed in. Double click and straight into it. Not native but a workaround

  9. subscription features, It's a fail for me, features should be included in a premium priced "Door Bell"

  10. I don't have a wired connection, so I wish they had a battery option. Stuck with the ring

  11. If you want to share just the doorbell with your family and not other Nest products, you can create another "Home" in the Nest app and add only the doorbell to this "Home". The other "Home" will have a different permission list, your family will only see the doorbell or whatever other nest product you add to the other "Home". It's easy to switch between homes as well, just tap the top left menu button and a list of "Homes" appears on the bottom.

  12. Do you get alerts on your phone when someone is there? Does it have an iPhone app?

  13. Good review, but i'll stick to my 'Ring 2'

  14. yeah see a bogus subscription service. there is ZERO options for people wanting a more realistic use of it, simply recording footage they want. a basic 3-5 day history should be free, since a major incident could have someone's attention before they could assure they had what they needed. yeah anyone could say get it because "better safe than sorry", but that is exactly why companies get away with charging for every little thing. not to mention if you live in a city that your ISP severely caps your monthly usage, this thing could be rather expensive.

  15. V. Torch Napeñas

    I don't think a native app is needed for the doorbell. All you would need to do is go to your home.nest.com webpage and then go to your Nest Hello camera. Once there (on Google Chrome), click on the 3 vertical dots, then click "More Tools", then click "Add to Desktop." When you do that, the Nest icon should be on your desktop. When you click it, you should see your Nest Hello Camera in a window all by itself. You'll notice like it looks and feels like a native (installed) app.

  16. Stephen Phillips

    Does it work with alexa?

  17. I don't have Google thingy, but have several Echos. Their documentation says they work fine with this device. Also I have a home security system that works seamlessly with Nest products, so people should be aware of that too. I agree with you…the Nest Hello looks cool. And compared to the battery powered Ring, it isn't as likely to be yanked off the wall.

  18. Smells like paid review

  19. I've had the hello nest for 2 months now and i had the ring doorbell previously, we love this thing it records 24hrs and never freezes, the ring was absolute junk compared to this one in both picture and sound quality.

  20. I upgraded from a skybell trim jd to this and it's much better. However, I am disappointed about familiar face detection being disabled in Illinois. From nest support via Twitter: "Nest’s familiar face detection feature is not available on Nest cameras used in Illinois. Certain state legislation may affect Illinois customers’ use of the feature, so we’ve disabled it as a precaution. If the home where you’re using your camera is in Illinois, you shouldn’t be able to turn on familiar face detection in the Nest app."

  21. Does it work with Alexa?

  22. David Whittington

    What internet speed do you have? Do you have it on 5ghz or 2.4?

  23. Kelly's Rambling

    Mind if I ask where your cool glass Stone vase and plant setup is from??

  24. Aaron Schumacher

    I would never switch from Ring just based on the one sided recording of voice. If you need to use the video in court no judge is going to take your word for what was said.
    One thing they have to do is add a off time frame. Like if I'm going to bed and the I don't want my doorbell to ring I can tell it every night from 11 PM – 8 AM only play my preferred message and even record what the person says like voicemail.

  25. Randy & Jessica Carpenter

    Great review!!! The video with nest compared to the ring pro is a lot better. The concern is the lag. The ring notifications are instant.

  26. Question. I have the Nest Cam but there is a setting where I can turn off the continuous recording when I am home. Does the doorbell have the same option? My internet will sustain the recording but slows down speeds when I am home. Basically I would like for it to continuously record when I'm not home but turn off when I am home and only record when the button is pushed.

  27. Do you have to pay for the subscription ? 😮

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