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Nerds, rejoice: Jeopardy! is finally bingeable on Hulu

If you’re a minutiae weirdo, or simply an unbearable know-it-all like me, in the future over the previous couple of years you will have puzzled why previous seasons of Jeopardy! don’t seem to be to be had to binge. The display has aired each and every weeknight for many years, the present iteration having made its authentic debut in 1984; simply assume of the way a lot minutiae that is! Ostensibly that solution has had one thing to do with protecting the sport attention-grabbing: in case your contestants have had get entry to to actually each and every class and solution you’ve ever get a hold of, their preparation abruptly has a definitive trend (versus simply studying a number of stuff and hoping for the most productive, the way Didi Pickles did it). They’re much less prone to fall flat on their faces, or give us the ones lengthy, uncomfortable pauses when no person is aware of the solution — dull! But it sort of feels CBS and Sony Pictures have had a metamorphosis of middle, as a result of lately it used to be introduced that Jeopardy! has finally come to Hulu.

The providing isn’t each and every episode; consistent with a Hulu press unencumber, the platform has long gone complete Spotify, “curating collections of a few of Jeopardy!’s flagship particular occasions, together with a Tournament of Champions, a College Championship, and a Kids Week, in addition to Battle of the Decades,” the five-week 30th-anniversary match held in 2014 that integrated other folks like Ken Jennings. It additionally stated new episodes could be added often, “making it possible for viewers to continuously test their knowledge.” Oh, Hulu, my nerdy middle! It’s like they knew!

If you want me for the following 72 hours, you realize the place to seek out me: staring zombie-like at my TV, sporadically screaming solutions within the type of a query, fast-forwarding thru many of the excruciating agony that is the mid-game contestant interviews — however staring at a couple of to look if Alex Trebek savagely sun shades a deficient unsuspecting accountant. Bring snacks.

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