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My Top 5 Gear VR & Oculus Go Movie Apps – From Cinema to TV in VR

My newest best 5 Gear VR & Oculus Go Movie and TV Apps vary from fundamental VR video gamers to spectacular content material wealthy Cinema taste VR reports. Make positive to upload remark under of your best 5 film, television or basic video looking at apps.

I strangely were given my Oculus Go a pair days after posting this video. All my choices proven right here will paintings in Oculus Go… WOOHOO!

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Links To Apps:
➞ CineVR (https://ocul.us/2ARVjUz)
➞ Skybox VR (https://ocul.us/2nnrgug)
➞ Netflix (https://ocul.us/2vLznos)
➞ Hulu (https://ocul.us/2MdsGWv)
➞ Oculus Browser (https://ocul.us/2OmUS6v)


➞ GearVR Headset (http://amzn.to/2qKrcsj)
➞ GearVR Fan (CUVR): http://bit.ly/cuvr-ultimate
➞ GearVR Large Case: http://bit.ly/GearVRCase
➞ GearVR Replacement Face Pad: http://bit.ly/VRCover

* a few of these hyperlinks are associate hyperlinks… thank you in advance on your enhance. *

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  1. For streaming content from your PC/Media Server to GearVR, there's none better than Pigasus. I was one of the very first testers on it and got a key and bought it when it was officially released. It's improved a bunch since it launched. Can be a bit fiddly to set up and you'll need a decent router to stream but the easiest method is to have Plex + Pigasus.

  2. New Boss Media

    Nice! It would be nice to see your Top5 Gear / Go games. Peace! 🙂

  3. Willard Sheets

    Re Netflix VR: Travel mode makes the void screen gradually move to follow where your head turns instead of constantly having to tap outside the window to recenter it. Probably intended for flights / bus trips, but it's incredibly useful for long viewing sessions or chilling in bed. Also, I think there's been an update to Netflix VR as for me the void theater button is now on the top left of the red mantle.

    Another great app to try is Samsung PhoneCast, which supports several streaming services (incl Youtube). Also, if you go into settings and enable the beta features mode it'll let you open almost any app on your phone on the vr screen, but sometimes apps won't work (e.g. there's no on-screen keyboard yet, so no opening your texts in VR)

  4. Jonathan Vargiu

    I think travel mode switches off the compass so you don't suddenly face the back of the theater when the bus takes a u turn.

  5. I couldn't find any videos showing any movie apps for oculus go. Thanks!

  6. Thank you!

  7. Social theaters don't seem to work well because you're not supposed to talk during movies so it seems like it's pointless unless you're with an actual friend.

  8. Skybox is incredible. I love it.

  9. genuine_legend

    Can you lock the screen/view for netflix like you can in that cinema app?

  10. punisherx7 punisherx7

    why i cant find hulu in the store of gear vr

  11. wink wink xd

  12. Want some games? Checkout My Top Games for Oculus Go and Gear VR: https://youtu.be/yESqzijGJq4

  13. I think travel mode is for when you're in the car. You don't want the screen to move every time the car turns. Very nice feature.

  14. There's a youtube cinema movie app on sideload VR that lets you play youtube videos on a virtual imax screen. It also supports 3D. Its a little rough around the edges, such as if any videos have strange characters in their names, it doesnt play them, but other than that its great. and you can walk around the cinema itself.

    I hope they continue to develop it and allow it to log into your youtube account and bring up watch later, subscriptions etc.

  15. Is it possible to watch Netflix/Youtube videos in a virtual environment with other people? Or only solo? Thanks.

  16. Ernesto Rodriguez

    Does netflix vr let you watch movies with others? Or solo only?

  17. Nice video! Thanks for the info =D

  18. thanks,I just got my Oculus Go and am preferring VR to reality 😉

  19. Great video! Do any of those apps support watching Amazon Prime movies in the theater setting?

  20. Silki TheCraftyDiva

    Didnt care for CineVr because it only shows trailers not full movies

  21. Porn is awesome on oculus go !!!!

  22. You should provide links to that apps in description

  23. Guilherme Garcia

    Can anyone tell me if I can watch movies from apple tv on the Oculus go? Pleaseeee

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