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MAHABHARATAM- 18 | Unknown Facts About Arjuna In Telugu | Vikram Aditya | EP#145

MAHABHARATAM- 18, Few Unknown Facts about Arjuna printed In Telugu by means of Vikram Aditya on this EP#145. Know some surprising & fascinating details about Arjuna in Mahabharatam. For extra Latest Crazy Facts & Informative Videos keep tuned to #VikramAditya Channel- https://bit.ly/2ziGWnY

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Partha, Dhananjaya, Gandivdhari, and many others. those are the addressing we give to the good warrior and the most productive archer of the universe, the Arjuna. We have at all times recognized him absolute best by means of his skill and intelligence within the battlefield however he had many different aspects as smartly. Let’s know few superb details about Arjuna on this video.

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Image Credits to artist V Shanmugavel
Website: http://www.shanmuga.net/

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