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LIVE R2 event: Announcing Flow and Opera Touch | BROWSER | OPERA

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Here is a recap of what we introduced all through our LIVE match! We introduced Opera Touch – a brand spanking new cellular browser. We have designed it for use at the transfer and with only one hand. It additionally makes the cellular and desktop internet surfing stories into one with a characteristic we’ve named Flow.

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  2. Why the heck is the new search via ALT+Space only available with Google? It should respect my standard search engine.

  3. Hoàng Huy Nguyễn

    I love the intro

  4. It is the mobile version of Opera Neon

  5. You guys need to update beta and dev versions as those have NO Flow feature 🙁

  6. Fjordstrøm Travel & Tech Reviews

    For people wondering if it'll come to iOS, your answer is here: 40:35

  7. Shame that we have to wait for iOS version from the beginning.

  8. Presentation starts at 15:10, QA at 37:56

  9. its uncanny how you have launched something I was so desperately looking for in the form of FLOW! I mean its unbelievable, after spending literally months trying to find ways to do stuff like this. I just hope flow performs well without any trouble, and it keeps on evolving and adding new and interesting features (not to be too greedy). but for now, Love Opera!

  10. Alex Semёnov-Sherin

    I don't use Google search and I don't use smartphone as often as most people do. So I'm not so impressed with presented features or products… But anyway this is probably the most beautiful presentation that I've seen ever!

  11. Владимир Тёмный

    Useless flow + bug with plugin again. How delete useless update?

  12. They add an update that allow to use open.spotify in the browser, before this isn't possible.

  13. The best Apple Keynote in YEARS… oh wait this is Opera ;-P

  14. Awww, my devices are too ancient for it. (Well one is literally being held together with electrical tape so…..)

  15. I would honestly use this if it had a bookmark feature besides just the "Flow" feature.

  16. Freedom⍟Fighter

    Why I love Opera, cuz it brings unique features unlike other browsers that still keep sucking their dicks off with permanent "small bugs fixing" updates. Even the stage looks unique and awesome with those 3D hologram-like projections. ⭕ one love.

  17. Sebastian Hoffman

    Good job guys! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. No bookmarks … come on guys, that's an absolute necessity!

  19. Opera is now my second favorite browser, due to me giving Firefox a chance. I feel like there should be different opera browsers for different things, like one for low resources, one for privacy, one for video watching and gaming on the browser (SOMEHOW), etc.

  20. "My Flow" would be great if they integrated it with chrome..

  21. And … My Flow doesn't work at all. It does literally nothing. Did they even attempt to test this before releasing it!!?!?

  22. Maciej, train the Steve)

  23. Hello,

    Such a good news platform. I just joined the win a trip for two competition. When do you get to announce winners?


    Awesome presentation.. Good browser.. Add options for offline saving pages, save images with full clarity, save and stream fb videos etc too…

  25. Opera was purchased by a Chinese Consortium, so does the new software follow the ''Great Firewall of China'' standards of internet censorship ?
    Or will Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund still permit people to see all of the internet ?
    I was just wondering if the change in ownership will also change how the browser software works.
    Opera is so Fast and it's data compression works to speed up everything ! Thank you very much for creating great software. 🙂 <3

  26. Where is the ios version of opera touch? I use opera as my default in pc but chrome on my iPhone the new browser could change my mind and also where is the opera coast app?

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