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LG V40 ThinQ Review – Look Ma, 5 Cameras!

This is the LG V40 ThinQ, the corporate’s newest and biggest flagship, and the successor to one in all our favourite lineups. The V has at all times been about embracing creators with wonderful equipment which are exhausting to seek out on different telephones, and this time it is spelled in an insane collection of cameras. I am Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and that is our complete evaluate.

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  1. Waiting for v30s

  2. Great phone, I will wait for the price to drop. (it can compete at $650)

  3. اللهم اهدنا الصراط المستقيم .

    i really want to buy lg v35 thinq … who has got one please tell me if is it a good deal … thanks

  4. That JVTechtea vibes in the intro is ON!!!

  5. The V40 is a let down. I hate LG now.

  6. Whats the opening music

  7. Thanks and what's about the display vs XZ3?

  8. I would gladly trade those cameras for 64gb more storage

  9. Better review then mkbhd

  10. Does it have better screen than G7??

  11. Does it have stereo speakers?

  12. Please make a review on Audio department like DTS:x surround, any additional/difference Digital filters vs V30.

  13. The wide angle lens is so useful. Other manufacturers should ditch the telephoto in place for the wider camera

  14. In which parts of the world can you buy the lg v35? Becouse can't find it on amazon and ebay so as google shopping

  15. milind bhanushali

    Great review, as always. The video recording looks choppy

  16. At least, a simetrical forehead and chin in android phone!

    If do a notch, at least give a simetrical one oppo, vivo, huawei, oneplus, and all android notch clan in the rest of the world!

    **still, notchless is the best design
    **LG UI is s*ck! <– a deal breaker actually

  17. This phone is a beast! OLED, DAC, Boombox, Google button, wireless charge, IP68, wide angle, headphone jack. I can forgive the very late Android software updates for those features! Worth every penny

  18. What about optical image stablization?
    What about slow mo videos at xyz fps?

  19. One of the best reviews. Thank you.

  20. I'll get the V40 in early 2019 when the price tag is reasonable. And LG still makes the same mistake to release the version with double the rom only in south korea and hong kong. Sigh, this will be an imported phone once again. I currently own a V10 which also has been an import from hong kong for two simple reasons: almost 100 bucks cheaper than in europe and double the rom (64gb instead of the EU 32gb).

  21. Horribly oversaturated video. The colours look terrible in video and on some photos. As usual, LG make a great phone but manage to ruin it in some way.

  22. Gentleman how much time it take to full charge…….

  23. Lg V20 is unique !!! After that it's hard recognize v series my opinion !!!

  24. Lg won't give google the v40 this is their crown jewel

  25. In response to [4:12]:


    Google assistant already has 2 ways to activate it (hotword detection and long pressing the home key). Both methods are sufficient. Phones do not need a dedicated button for Assistant. It's redundant.

  26. I got V30

  27. Christopher Bridges

    Lg. great phone love it.!!!! good job.!!!!!

  28. Nice review and Thank you for praising LG phones specially when attention is only given to a few phones

  29. Lg are crap phones for por people

  30. Fight Back Phone Scams

    Pocket Now has the best reviews for Android phones.. they are completely honest and always go in depth with the details of the phone. They are honest and I don't think they accept bribe money from the big corporate giants… they really are Android phone tech enthusiasts and really highlight the features of the phone.

  31. Omarni Karnley Jarbie

    My galaxy still has oreo 8.1.0

  32. Great phone but its not available in every country hmmmm…..

  33. What is song in the background?

  34. I think I'm finally ready to give up my old trusty g5 got this.

  35. After watching this review, i am quitting Apple iPhones and now will be buying LG V40 ThinQ. Goodbye Apple 🙂

  36. Come on, why couldn't you have had the LGV35 or G7 video on the phone instead of an Apple vid….

  37. I'm in the market for a new phone. As much as i would love to wait and see what Galaxy does with the S10, my Droid Turbo 2 has become slow, laggy and pretty much unusable. After a lot of thought and consideration i decided to give the LG G7 ThinQ a try. For me the selling points were the battery, speakers and cameras. As i was about to buy it I found out about this phone.

    I am going to do some more research into it but would anyone say this is worth picking up over the G7ThinQ?

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