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LG G7 ThinQ Impressions!

LG G7 ThinQ is right here! How does this flagship form up in 2018?

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  1. Vanni Sacchetti

    Second camera: LG G5 135-degree viewing angle; LG G6 125 degree viewing angle; LG G7 107-degree viewing angle. They're killing their 2nd ultra-wide angle camera 🙁

  2. How does a 2018 flagship manage to sell with only 4gb of ram. My nearly year old note 8 has 6gb

  3. after lgg4 ……never again lg ….bootloop disaster.

  4. The Two Perspectives

    I am got both Pixel 2 and last years Lg G6. What will happen if you install a GCAM ported app on Lg G6 or G7 and then do a comparison? I got both phones in hand right now and have taken a few shots side by side and I am surprised why should someone spend double to money for a PIXEL 2 phone when 90-95% of the image processing can be achieved via GCAM app. I am throwing a video comparison tonight on my channel!

  5. Tbh I dont really like LG phones as I just feel like they are rubbish in terms of storage management

  6. Do you think they'll update this to Android p?

  7. bts made me go here

  8. BandNerdGreenHoodie

    Can you review the LG Stylo 4?

  9. BenjaminLee2009

    I understand this phone has a 1440p screen but if I wanted to downscale it to 1080p for normal tasks (FB, IG and the like) would it be possible?

  10. Overall LG Brand products are always better than Samsung Brand. Just Compare other electronic product of (Except Mobile) LG & Samsung. The LG products are more durable & quality than Samsung Products. Also LG has larger market share over samsung in the home electronics segment. In mobile segmenty Samsung came to the market faster than LG. Thats the sole reason gave Samsung a competitive advantage over LG. But overall LG Mobile phones are atleast one step ahead of the Samsung phones pariculary in Quality & Durability.

  11. Not good

  12. Dose the lg g7 do 1440p hdr on YouTube?

  13. Mudhaffar Adhwa

    Still no review 🙁

  14. Can someone tell me what's the resolution of the picture when using wide angle ?

  15. Definitely blending in again. It checks all my boxes but the price is too high.

  16. where did you get it thanks

  17. LG so underrated

  18. Thin Q for this review

  19. ThePeoplesChamp

    LCD? For that price? Hell no.

  20. – not AMOLED or even OLED
    – no stereo front facing speakers
    – no removable battery

  21. Why they are copping the iPhone notch

  22. Abdulrazzaq Liasu

    Why is he holding a different phone!?

  23. No burn in baby

  24. Personally, I will never buy LG anymore. Please dont get me wrong, I give each brand a fair chance to prove their products but every LG I had in the past, LG G, LG G2, G3 I skipped on the G4 and later went for the G5… All of them had problems wich were never solved or responded by the Customer Service of LG. Also with my current LG the G6 it is made of 3 different type of Gorilla Glass, the back is made of Glass 5 the camera glass is made of Glass 4 and the front is made of Glass 3??? Further does the LG has no proper oleophobic coating to protect it against smudges, fingerprints or grease. I mean, the phone feels reallly dirty everytime you pick it. On this part Samsung and Apple always have better coatings and better materials. Also was the glass of the back camera scratched from day 1. LG never responded but via Google I came to the only offered solution which was to erase the scratches with some wax coating. This worked but now there are fingerprints lije hell on the damn thing each time. LG still dont respond… The front camera is a real joke and you can compare the footage with an 2005 smartphone camera. But, please make your own conclussions but if you ask me; never an LG…

  25. what does your shirt say ?

  26. Im a die-hard fan of LG an the g7 is awesome it no question has the best display on any smartphone

  27. bts brought me here

  28. here because of heejin

  29. G7 is the most underrated phone. It may be overshadowed by other phones in its place like the iPhone, Huawei p20, oneplus 6, but I know for sure the g7 could actually beat Huawei p20 Pro and oneplus 6.

  30. uk lg g6 was striped rite down so im think it be the same for the lg g7 in the uk shame

  31. Just want to go on record saying this phone actually is pretty good… Not the best phone in the world but it is flagship material 100%.

  32. Shadow The Light

    I saw the Aubrey Plaza ad and I was like SOLD

  33. Parker Stephens

    It looks like a combo of the Samsung Galaxy s9 plus and the iPhone x

  34. UsamaMahmoudSultan

    I like the backdrop , the double key light, the overall tone , the mode ,the colors , I think you start getting somewhere close to what I see in apple ads . You are the best and I wish you all the best

  35. Watching on my G7 ThiccQ. Actually really dope.

  36. Is it better than the G6? I able to upgrade my phone

  37. Thanks for the review, it is really good. There is one thing I really want to know and that is Does the GPS work well on the G7? because I am really disappointed in the GPS in the G5 and G6.
    Please help us because that is a deal breaker for me, I need to be able to use my Google Maps

  38. For once I acctaly like my phone the g6 had to many problems and craped out on me when it rained and it was in my pocket but I really like my g7

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