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Kamiyah Goes Off on Iyanla and Her Crew | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network

Kamiyah Mobley turns into infuriated through the speculation of staying in a single day whilst filming “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” and hurls a string of expletives at Iyanla and her manufacturing body of workers. For extra on #FIXMYLIFE, discuss with http://bit.ly/1pqTI5s

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In the preferred self-help sequence, “Iyanla: Fix My Life”, bestselling writer, non secular existence trainer and tv host Iyanla Vanzant is going in the back of closed doorways to assist other people whose relationships and lives have damaged down.

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Kamiyah Goes Off on Iyanla and Her Crew | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network

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  1. JaylaDynamicVids 3

    That girl so disrespectful

  2. this kidnapping [microcosm]: a ppl, a child snatched from her [their] mother[land] put into an unfamiliar environment. the result is a disconnected mass of angry energy that looks normal on the outside but is internally stunted, etc…
    slavery [macrocosm].

  3. she felt threatened. we see the original sin of the initial kidnapping. that's her biological family's pain. She was snatched from [her kidnapper] her mother, the only one she's known… that's her pain. wrap your mind around that.

  4. I Would have beat her ahh

  5. Annette Kristensen

    That Iyanla person don't have the skills to help or deal with Alexis/Kamiyah since she (Iyanla) is so full of herself, instead of listening and trying to understand where Alexis/Kamiyah is coming from, and the situation that young girl is in. She sets up rules and gives her tasks? Jeeees! Get off your high horse, and try to help the young girl. But I guess that is not good television!

  6. Franklin Egbuche

    I get it now.
    Her kidnapper let her have her way so there won't be any reason for her to talk to authorities.
    Which explains her ultra commitment to the kidnapper.
    And now she doesn't know what control nor respect is.

  7. A whole mess!

  8. This is very sad. I hope the real mother can forgive the woman who stoled her child and understand that it is the only way to possibly have a relationship with her daughter. The woman is in jail there is nothing else to do for resolution but to forgive.

  9. To all the people who sit there and say that she was raised good by the kidnapper "mother", this clearly proves that she wasn't! As someone who was raised never to act like this, EVER! I am appalled at her behavior towards everyone involved!

  10. Disgusting behavior like a savage monkey.

  11. when you watch bad girls club once:

  12. I had a kid taken from me 37 years ago I'd sure like to find that baby and I know what happened no matter what nobody tells me there's a story behind it

  13. I had twins in 1981 and Mount Vernon Ohio I know the doctor took one out before I delivered my second child one day I will find that baby

  14. Jesus christ

  15. She’s disgusting !!!! How can you talk to a elder like that ?

  16. The clickbait look like nba youngboy babymomma no cap

  17. Where her momma

  18. so disrespectful

  19. Iyana is good, I would have knocked her out

  20. babatunsdai brunner


  21. But we don’t know what happened before cameras started rolling but hey. I’m crazy

  22. Where The Hell Is My Belt???
    … BLESS HER (HolidayHeartVoice)

  23. Why is it’s late going toe to toe with a 19 yr old ???

  24. Its all about Perspective

    This child doesn't want to accept, fact & truth that the women she loved as her mother is a detailed criminal. Those outbursts of anger are likely towards Gloria, yet she doesn't have the courage or maturity to confront & cope with truth, so everybody else will have to be the scapegoats. Kamiyah is & will pay the price for Gloria's premeditated actions. Therapy, therapy, therapy for life & living.

  25. Iyanla too calm, I would’ve kicked that lil girl in her back

  26. This woman is BAD! Love you Iyanla.

  27. She was doing to much just cuz of the camera

  28. Beep beep what the beep you beeeeeeeep

  29. Sorry, I'd be pissed too if I was thrown into a family I never knew, not given the opportunity for baby steps privately to get to know them, and then thrown on a reality show. The "real" parents are just at guilty as the mother that stole her.

  30. Wow,issues.

  31. The one father who sticks around for his family, looses his child to kidnapping and she turns out like this. Usually it's the other way around; The father leaves the kid behind. If she was raised with her real family I bet her father would have taught her a thing or 2 about talking to adults with respect.

  32. I done slapped b**** for less than that. Had me weak.

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