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Joe Rogan – Huawei phones are SPYING on us | China stealing technology

Joe Rogan talks about how Huawei phones are spying on us in a larger effort by China – who is stealing our technology. http://bit.ly/2yaDxFG

For the entire Joe Rogan Experience #1115 – Mike Baker click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7iUoq9PZf8&t=2910s

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  1. The Deadshot666

    Goddamn it, I own a Huawei. I'm trading it for a Samsung or some other shit.

  2. Bush did 911

  3. Graham Townsend

    The NSA tapped the German Chancellery for decades, everybody does this to everyone else, there is nothing particularly special about the US, its a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, propaganda.

  4. Look into tower 7

  5. I find it strange that this is the only laggy video and has the least amount of views of all of Joe's vids…

  6. They're going to blow all the American phones up, at the same time and then Obama's going to blow up, all the phones he gave away.

  7. Here in Canada Huawei is advertised a lot on TV esp before nhl games….I think Apple just doesn't want to lose business

  8. This is a fan page. Joe had nothing to do with this.

  9. lol maybe just maybe…..china is stealing the technology America created for spy/intelligence tools

  10. Russell Starkey

    I'm old enough to remember when the Japanese in the 50s and 60s were doing exactly what the Chinese are doing now .If a company sells a product there is no way to stop someone pulling it apart and copying it that's just how the world works

  11. Almost everyone who comes on this show sound like they suck dick for a living.

  12. hangry isangry

    I have a Huawei honor 6 I believe and it's great. It works just as well as an IPhone or Samsung and was way more affordable. If Google, Samsung, or Apple want my business they really have some work to do.

  13. The auto industry is the exactly the same. America is just trying to keep monopoly in the phone industry. I'm buying a Hwai. how the fuck you spell that or even pronounce it

  14. Look up the NSA "ANT" catalogue

  15. So we've got actual propaganda now Joe? As a European I can honestly say Huawei is much safer than ANY American brand of smartphone. Also let them have their fake apple stores and cross our fingers that they make the real Apple stores go away as they are actually disgusting.

  16. Audio is not Synced.

  17. Robot HandLove

    I can't listen to this anymore.

  18. Ronny Cunningham

    How are the Apple products fake if they are made there…, and sorry to burst your bubble, but its not just China spying on you… Its your own government, the last government im concerned about is Chinas'… I have zero family members, and zero property there, and I dont pay them taxes…

  19. Wisakedjak Archetype

    it's not difficult to measure processed data… including transmitted data. This is a marketing scam from my point of view. China is growing. Instead of focusing on the short term big bucks, the U.S. government and corporate politicians should have considered the strength in long term planning and growth. they got us on LOCATION (cheap to ship to other countries from china) and Manufacturing. We had science and technology but… short term foresight lead us to a lesser education system that leads to modern slavery. slave to engineer ratio is far greater here than everywhere else. China can hire hundreds of engineers a day… The U.S. struggles with finding 10 U.S. born engineers a week.

  20. US goverment creates technology to spy on american and European citizens ,and china follows, who the fuck cares about it when you already have Facebook and Google selling your personal information

  21. Christine LaBeach

    LOL! Walmart is selling them left and right!

  22. Such geniuses commenting

  23. If we don’t have nuclear inspectors on site, then of course tear up the deal and try to figure out another path to stopping nuclear proliferation, probably through reimposing economic sanctions, threats of armed action etc.. However, Ive heard completely opposite reports about whether there is full verification and inspection going on at these nuclear sites. I’m wondering if Mr.Baker, being inclined to rightward politics and history of participating in covert action is maybe providing misinformation to the American public to justify the decisions of a politician he likes.

  24. Love JRE but…This guy was hard to listen to. He said multiple things that were straight bs. He doesn't come off as all that bright either. Should stop trying to be funny, because you're not. Worst guest I've heard on Joe's show.

  25. I am Chinese. The "H" is not silent.

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