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The Oculus Go has been released and Rowdy already got his hands on it! In this Rowdy Review we take a closer look at some of the nicest features of the Oculus Go and I’ll give you my first impressions of this mobile VR headset as well as what I like and what I don’t like! This video was not paid or sponsored by Oculus in any way.

If you want one yourself, you can get one from this Amazon (affiliate) link: https://amzn.to/2jCcqhW

Let me know in the comment box below what your thoughts are on the Oculus Go and if you’re going to be picking one up!

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  1. Im glad for this new release

  2. What are your thoughts on the Oculus Go !?

  3. Christer Sjöberg

    Haha u have never played 2 hours of VR in a row? AMATURE! just kidding. 2 Hours is not much to be honest, Im used to play 5 hours or more sometimes.

  4. Christer Sjöberg

    It seems like the go is a good step towards a really good standalone headset but it's not quite there. Could the santa cruz be the golden ticket? Im really interested to see how that one turns out.

  5. 69 view's? well!

  6. Hopefully they will hear you a upgrade it soon, with the USB C, also some kind of positional tracking, which I know is pretty hard for the amount of processing power an energy required.

  7. It's really nice,and because you can take it to other places it is possible to play with friends

  8. Christian Best

    Funniest Oculus Go introduction ever :). Interesting device. Even if i know i dont really need one. Maybe i should buy one. Hope there is some kind of display sharing with the pc on this device. Playing AAA Games on a virtual screen or using your desktop would give this device a big plus. Is longer use possible with a usb cable plugged in? I hope so. If the batterie runs off while watching an exciting movie scene ill throw this thing from the balcony 😉

  9. Gianni Zuccala

    Hey Rowdy, just wondering, do you happen to live in England?

  10. This was such a good review! Great job man

  11. I think adding a way to have an external power pack battery would have been a nice touch, i think 2 hours is still to short a time

  12. VR everywhere, breaking the shell step by step.
    The Go should be able to call you, when friends trying to join you inside VR

  13. MultiRealityGamer

    I want

  14. Seems like it's more cons then pros so what's the point of this thing. lol it's basically a toy VR.

  15. Rowdy Guy can you do a comparison of brands of VR .

  16. Homido was my first headset aswell. Things have really progressed 🙂

  17. The punisher 2k15

    I watched every video of yours your my favorite YouTube er ever

  18. pumpuppthevolume

    Rowdy in the wild Review

  19. now I do wonder.. in what part of the world I want to be outside, blindfolded and totally distracted?

  20. Do a follow up after a month of use. I am curious if this it a worthwhile purchase for those that already have PCVR or PSVR

  21. Now that’s my style of unboxing video.

  22. Why do so many reviewers take these out in the bright sunlight, to symbolize/demonstrate it's portability?.. That's like the absolute WORST thing you can do to it, the lenses work like a child with a magnifying glass over an ant hill.. If the sun so much as glances past those lenses, you could end up with something as mild as a permanent light-pink streak across your screen and thus your vision in VR, or it could even burn a more serious hole in the screens.. Around the 3 minute mark, he starts holding it upside down, and really risking pink streaks..
    Yes, it's portable, but avoid sunlight at all costs. If possible, keep some kind of cover over the lens side when not in use. When it comes to practical/safe use, there's not many times you'd wanna be wearing it out in the public/sunlight anyway.. lol
    EDIT: Oh woops, I just noticed you do mention sunlight in the video.. Yet you still tempted fate far more than I'd ever dare. My solution was to keep the oblong piece of cardboard, that came in the box originally covering the lenses, which has little grabbable tabs on it, and is easy to slide in/out to keep the lenses completely covered when not using it.

  23. Cool man stay cool;)

  24. I'm getting one soon, it should be here in a week or two, I'm so excited to test it after your review. cheers mate!

  25. Removing the sticker off electronics feels way too satisfying to be SFW.

  26. You're a funny fella, Rowdy. Well composed video, mate. Ending was great.

  27. Giovani Yester

    Good review. Ps sun doesn’t hurt the lenses.

  28. "As soon as some sunlight hits this you're going to have a problem." said while turning the headset directly into the sunlight over and over again.

  29. no memory upgrade once you have it in your hands, it gets warm… how bout a cooling fan? How about an option for one? Anything. Terrible battery life to charge time ratio, terrible sound, have to download updates and app after app to get the piece of junk to work. Dont buy this. Oculus is just using the name to price gouge you. Plenty of headsets out there at a fraction of the cost, unless you really just want something namebrand. And honestly, its not like wearing a rolex: nobody cares if you are using a $20 xiaozhai, or oculus brand.

  30. Pssh, its $200. If you need to protect the lenses just cut the cardboard box and make an insert – Ghetto solution. Otherwise, keep the peel off sticker thingys and use some electricians tape.

  31. I like old style USB. Common misconception that USB-C is "faster" when delivering power, its just simply because it tends to use thicker cabling.

    Any 20-22 AWG USB cable can handle 2 to 2.4 amps easily, which is pretty much the maximum you want to charge a single lithium-ion battery at for longevity. What you cannot use are cheaper 24 AWG and especially not 28AWG USB cables made from year 1999, which can maybe only do 0.5 to 1.0 amps.

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