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iPhone XS Max Review: The Phone I Hate To Love

An extended video for a large telephone: the iPhone XS Max Review is right here!
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The iPhone XS Max does the entirety Apple got down to do. It crams a colossal display screen right into a manageable casing; offers it a battery sufficiently big to closing all day regardless of that show; and it brings enhancements in the entirety from the digicam to Face ID to iOS itself to style a price competitor to that “other” gigantic telephone around the Android aisle: Samsung’s Galaxy Note nine. But the iPhone XS Max additionally carries a ticket beginning at $1099, and regardless of what number of people will purchase it at that value – I can’t say I’ll be one among them. Join me for the iPhone XS Max Review!




MrMobile’s iPhone XS Max Review was once produced following 8 days the usage of an iPhone XS Max overview tool bought via Mobile Nations. Retail tool operating ultimate device. Tested on Project Fi / T-Mobile US in Greater Boston, MA and New York City, NY.


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  1. It's both because the phones are good and the customers are loyal to a fault. It's not just one or the other. It's absolutely true that Apple's fanbase will let them get away with anything, which is ultimately the cause of every single flaw in this phone. They could fix every single issue you have in this review and still make $500 in profit off of each unit sold, but since so many of their fans are unwilling to even consider alternatives they just do what they need to get top reviews to attract new customers and trap them in the ecosystem. That screen and maybe the face unlock are the only truly innovative features Apple has put forward in at least half a decade, and even then the face unlock stuff is only there because they refuse to put Touch ID on the back. I'm also almost willing to bet money that they patented what they did with that screen.

  2. Good Honest review!

  3. Which is the backpack you use in this video?

  4. Highlight Techno online

    how price Iphone xs i like it …?

  5. I had a note 8. Great phone but no resale values. iPhones hold there value well.

  6. Thank you

  7. Why don’t u sue the apple for providing useless charger and earphone afterwards paying such a sum of money? They should at least provides high amp. charger/ fast charger…

  8. Shout out to Palm and WebOS. Best phone operating system to date.

  9. Charles McCormack

    I use that iPhone at work and my Note 8 at the same time…I cant stand how crappie the iphone is…you really cant compare this with the note..again I use both…sorry mr Mobile
    ..your ios phone sucks.
    Nice try lol

  10. Still have 8plus with Touch ID I’m not switching until this phone dies lol

  11. Seyyed Hafiz Mowlana

    Try using back gesture single handed on the max S …. while its in the right hand…it not convenient at all….

  12. Please compare it with huawei mate 20 pro

  13. Why does anyone buy iPhones anymore? How about because every other flagship runs android tracking your location 340 times a day.

  14. I love my iPhone Xs max I have owned it since the day it came out and I can say it is the best phone I have bought in a long time!! Yes it did hit me hard when paying £1450 for it but I have come from a Samsung Galaxy s8 plus and I couldn’t go back to using my old phone. Not to mention the battery life this thing easily gets me through a day without charging it. I come home and 16 hours later it’s still on 10% so all in all I will say well done apple but you need to sort something out with the prices or if your going to charge this much then include more in the box like fast charger or even a wireless charging pad things like that go a long way and they don’t go a miss.

  15. There are "things that Apple does better" the same can be said for Android phones. This doesn't explain why people by Apple phone. The reason is because Apple users don't venture out. Why would they? They have already invested so much time and money into the eco system. "switching" is not happening. It's not even a topic anymore. It's Google or apple to start once you're two years deep it's over.

  16. I've had this phone for weeks without knowing I could do fast app switching. Thank you lol

  17. I totally agree..cant get comfy with that price tag…its just too much for me now.

  18. I want you to compare mate 20 pro with iphone max note 9 speed test but first full there memory at least 250GB . Install 200 application and check there ram management.
    Day/night video pictures and compare it on your disktop or tv. I hope you understand what I'm saying.
    (Sorry for my English )

  19. Bruh this people lie to much

  20. Dr . B.J. Hardick

    iPhone = people being dumb paying for something which isn't really worth what your paying especially when they are cheaply made!

  21. Sebastian Cardone

    I have the note 9 and the iPhone X’s max there’s things I love about both of them and things that I hate about them both to tell you the truth by saying I always seem to reach for my iPhone more than I reach for my note 9 . I seem to use my note for my VR and everything else I seem to reach for my iPhone . I love you reviews keep up the good work take care !

  22. Is not better than note9. I just sold my iPhone x cause I want to do more that I found I can do on note 9. Now I can change theme, icons, have widgets, watch TV o. Third party apps, bigger screen, better camera, if I connect it to screen it will become as a desktop, I can download anything from any app and any website, more free usefull apps, now I use EQ on all audio.

  23. It is all about the computer you want to roll with and efficiently it helps you do the things you want to do. I prefer Apple and a premium screen. But it is about taste and usability, for me that means iphone, but I would not claim it is the best, just the best for me. Why so much drama on these boards? I feel that the passion and heat should be saved for social injustices not the personal computers in our hands…

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