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iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!

iPhone XR may if truth be told be the iPhone for everybody! Even if we do not know what the R stands for…

iPhone Xs and Xs Max Impressions: https://youtu.be/GSWOs4_etoE

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  1. The R stands for Ratshit, Ripoff, Rubbish, take your pick.

  2. 1:23 u cant watch 1080p vids,he said

  3. Do you actually see 1080p at this size / viewing distance? I'll buy this.

  4. i want yellow!!!!!!!!!

  5. satayu kanchanaphen

    Great! 720p on 6.1" display.

  6. Wanna ear a joke?

    Budget iPhone.

  7. RelaxLive - Relaxing BGM

    Whaaaats wrong with that bezel?

  8. The r maybe stands for Retro.

  9. So does it have portrait ? Mode

  10. The r stands for r u a peasant just buy the xs

  11. Shut y’all 1080p spoiled asses up and be thankful they gave ppl a cheaper option. If you’re using an 8 it’s the same thing and the price was too smh

  12. Apple has to rely on flashy colors because the tech isn't there anymore lol.

  13. what the hell is this even called iPhone XR when 95% of the time you talk about the stupid watch. dam what the hell?!

  14. At that price they should've added the headphone jack back it'd be a dealmaker 🙂

  15. Iphone X Air

  16. So I was at T-Mobile and this one guy came in asking to trade his iPhone X for the XR and I just started laughing I couldn't help i

  17. Kash yeh mere pass hota

  18. 720p????? LCD??? 2018? jajajajajajajajajajajaja jajajajajajajajajajajaja

  19. iPhone 5C Trademark For What I Think

  20. Eigo!!!!!!Muzukasii!!!!!!!


  21. I’m definitely getting this, I don’t care about the screen, I’m okay with it, mostly because I don’t need a 1080p screen because I have my iPad for that, plus I don’t see a lot a videos to care for a 1080p on my iPhone 6, and I only need my camera to take good closeup pictures, the only reason I will need a dual lenses is for photos of Chicago or stuff like that.

  22. The xr is practically an iPhone 9

  23. I just wanna say that it's sad to see people arguing about smartphones and hating the users. Some even goes to assume that iOS users aren't intelligent.. Since when does your smartphone define your intelligence?? I guess the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover." has now been forgotten by some.

  24. Better apple should name xr as se2

  25. XR stands for xpensive and ridiculous

  26. Dumbest phone of 2018

  27. The Yellow one is for my grandma. Lmao that's a perfect gma color

  28. Honestly, in my opinion $749 is a good price point. Here's why: it has all the same specs as the Xs which is $999 EXCEPT the screen quality, so what Apple did was give you an iPhone Xs with a 720p display for $250 cheaper than the Xs. Sounds like a steal to me

  29. The right price for this would have been 400-450$

  30. 5:00 will be popular in Japan

  31. bitch don't hate on my yellow

  32. iPhone XR

    iPhone Extremely Retarded

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